record of tides performed a beautiful and complex set at kultur.picknick auf consol last saturday.
the tacks were mainly based upon idm and post hip-hop and were merged into one another without deconstructing them.
piayda also played a new track called ‘thinking often’ which appeared towards the end of the set ending up in aphex twin´s ‘rhubarb’ ambient masterpiece.
‘thinking often’ also appeared during his live set at heilig-kreuz-kirche in may. this might point on a release of new album.

more about the kultur.picknick auf consol dj sets over at

the kultur.picknick auf consol hdj set will be available via /CAMP soon,
but we like to share the tracklist in advance:

aphex twin – nannou
four tet – mama teaches sanskrit
boards of canada – an eagle in your mind
bibio – you
nightmares on wax – les nuits
prefuse73 – afternoon love in
dabrye – hyped-up plus tax
röyksopp – sombre detune
four tet – angel echoes
turner – head in the sky
brothomstates – end of an era (unreleased)
aphex twin - marchromt30a edit 2b 96 – 01
boards of canada – palace posy
record of tides – thinking often (unreleased)
aphex twin - #3 [rhubarb]

the new techno project by dean heuke (a.k.a. 1satzleiter) called prjct fear releases the debut album ‘boneyard elements’ on june 10, 2022.
the album is available via bandcamp as well as via common streaming portals.
the album features the track ‘fly away song’ with record of tides. the track is also supposed to be featured on an upcoming record of tides release.
heuke and piayda have already collaborated for the ‘eltern’ remix by 1satzleiter.

listen to/ download 'boneyard elemets'

listen to/ download 'fly away song feat. record of tides'

2022_06_09 via
facebook | instagram

after playing live sets at frühlingserwachen festival and at consol last summer,
record of tides will return to consol in gelsenkirchen to play his first hdj set in a decade on june 4, 2022.
the kultur.picknick auf consol features program from june 3 to 5 including the dj stage on saturday, june 4, as curated by roman pilgrim.
next to record of tides, natalie pielok, zeitgeist and lemon & pilgrim will perform dj sets.

the hdj sets are scheduled as following:

3 pm | natalie pielok
5 pm | zeitgeist
6 pm | record of tides
7 pm | lemon & pilgrim

kulturgebiet consol an der trendsportanlage
nähe zugang bismarckstraße
45889 gelsenkirchen

the festival features performances and participation by come with us, consol theater, flames-fire compagny, forum 2000,
kulturraum die flora, kunstmuseum gelsenkirchen, kunstschule gelsenkirchen, lalok libre e.v., lemon & pilgrim, les djembistes,
markus kiefer, mir puppentheater gelsenkirchen, natalie pielok, norbert labatzki & melody reich,
record of tides, der schreberjugend am trinenkamp und zeitgeist.

you may like to find out about the festival over at
also you can download the festival flyer including full program as pdf version over here.

facebook event

we are happy to tell you the zany music has reissued the eps escorting the purchases album as vinyl versions:
the ‘gimmicks ep’ and the ‘the biggest trick ep’ are available as white label vinyl cuts with artwork stickers.
as they feature the music on only one side, both contain hidden tracks on the b-side.

the tracklists and running times (not listed on labels) are as following:

‘the biggest trick’ vinyl ep
A1 she was sent (4.12)
A2 rope (3.50)
A3 fields (edit) (1.08)
A4 everything she says (3.02)

‘gimmicks’ vinyl ep
A1 la vie pendant la pandemie feat. mabel e. hicast (4.14)
A2 farewell fires (alternative version) feat. primal scapes (2.29)
A3 woman experts (edit) (1.09)
A4 beats over rags (4.00)

the vinyl reissues are limited and are expected to be sold out quickly,
we hope to offer them also as merch at the upcoming hdj set at consol.
in stock copies can be ordered via bandcamp.

zany music has also added some more formats for the ‘panamerican’ album.
the tape version was added yesterday. unfortunately, all physical formats of ‘panamerican’ are sold out already,
the album is still available in numerous digital formats.

2022_05_30 via
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it is our massive pleasure to finally announce the release of 'collected riffing works 2',
the long awaited follow-up album of 'collected riffing works’ (2019) expanding the CRW series by record of tides.
the album is quite surprisingly released once again by zany music and is distributed by bandcamp in multiple digital formats.
the album surprises in style, sound and composition once again as it focuses on post rock instead of idm and post hip-hop.
also there has been no promotion in advance which is quite unusual for zany music.

'collected riffing works 2' is a collection of ten tracks which have been produced over the period of the past 15 years
which have been waiting to be released since spring 2020.
as the title already mentions, the album contains mainly guitar riffing based music focussing on the rock music influences of record of tides.
the track ‘sanctuarium’ even features sebastian flamma as co-producer.

'collected riffing works 2' is now available via
zany music and distributed via bandcamp.

'collected riffing works' is still available via
zany music and distributed via bandcamp and

check out the collected riffing works microsite
displaying all releases of the series.

above you see a photo taken on may 21 of record of tides live at frühlingserwachen festival as taken by sandra borbe.
piayda played a great set for a manageable but very interested audience at 1.30 pm.
we like to thank kirsten lipka and sandra borbe for documentation and support. more to come.

also, record of tides will return to consol in gelsenkirchen on june 4, 2022 for kultur.picknickauf consol
performing a hdj set on behalf of festival curator roman pilgrim. further information to be announced.

2022_05_27 via
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we are happy to announce the record of tides live set (unfortunately without visuals) at frühlingserwachen festival
to take place at heilig-kreuz-kirche and bochumer straße in gelsenkirchen on saturday, may 21, 2022.
the line-up of artists performing at heilig-kreuz-kirche has ben curated by julian rybarski who will also perform with his band at this venue.
even if the performances are limited in time of just half an hour and are scheduled for the early afternoon,
we would like to invent you to this festival as the line-up features a wide range of styles of musicians connected to the city of gelsenkirchen.
the musical performances at heilig-kreuz-kirche will end about 4.30 pm but the festival will offer more acts around for an open end.

have a look at the line-up and time schedule
(performances will be on time):

12.00 am
st. barbara gospel

12.45 am
mario stork & band

1.30 pm
record of tides

2.15 pm

3.00 pm

3.45 pm
julian rybarski large band

the venue of heilig-kreuz-kirche opens its doors at 11.30 am.
free entry, no tickets needed.

all info in the live section.

frühlingserwachen - heilig-kreuz & bochumer straße
facebook event

update 2022-05-14: above you see julian rybarski (musician and curator), irja hönekopp (head of department in the urban planning department),
andrea lamest (head of the cultural department) and overall organiser simon schlenke presenting the full programme during the press conference.
we hope for a great day with lots of meets and greets. don't miss it! (picture by cornelia fischer)

you may like to download the program flyer giving all information on upcoming acts and their time slots as well as further festival infos.
click here to open in new window.

have a look at the official information given at the city´s official site:

also, record of tides will return to consol in gelsenkirchen on june 4, 2022 for pfingstpicknick
performing a hdj set on behalf of festival curator roman pilgrim. further information to be announced.

2022_04_29 via
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even if this year is the third in a row which makes it difficult to schedule live events, we are happy to tell you that record of tides will return live in 2022.
the information available still remains rare but piayda has confirmed to return to the szeniale festival in gelsenkirchen on august 20 with an audio-visual set.
the festival was originally announced for 2021 but postponed due pandemic-based issues.
earlier this year, on may 21, record of tides will also perform an audio live set among further artists
at the opening of heilig kreuz kirche in gelsenkirchen as emschertainment venue. more info to be announced.
next to these confirmed dates there are also rumours of further dates and even a hdj set.
piayda is already in preproduction to present unreleased and altered tracks for upcoming live shows.

all info (more to come) in the live section.

for the meantime you may like to enjoy recordings of past live performances:
you can watch the ‘vivid euclids’ live set by primal scapes x record of tides as streamed on youtube.
also you can watch a high quality recording of record of tides` av live set at consol gelsenkirchen available in the /CAMP.

next to these live dates zany music has announced to release more music by record of tides.
the long awaited ‘collected riffing works 2’ is supposed to be finally put out this year.
also, a new album continuing the post hip-hop albums of ‘purchases’ and ‘panamerican’ is supposed to come out in summer.

2022_04_11 via
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dealing with the on-going humanitarian disaster in ukraine, providence (rhode island, usa) based label component recordings
releases a compilation featuring artists from all around the world in the genres of electronic music, experimental, ambient, industrial, techno and related styles.
the call was initiated by the musicians from snowbeasts (elizabeth virosa and robert galbraith from providence, usa) and kai niggemann (cologne, germany).
they have received hundreds of submissions from over 27 countries, from all over the world, selected, grouped and assembled an album
that is an intense sonic journey through many different styles of electronic music.
there are nearly 200 tracks of amazing quality on this album, making this one of the longest albums ever released on bandcamp.
visual artists noah g hirka designed the artwork for this album.

all proceeds from the sale of this compilation will be split evenly between the charities vostok sos and the ukrainian red cross.

‘for peace. against war. who is not?’ is a compilation by hundreds of electronic music artists from all over the world
to raise money and awareness for the humanitarian disaster caused by the russian war on ukraine.
we united to ty to help using what we know best: our music and art.
support this compilation now by buying it on bandcamp (feel free to add as much of a donation as you can afford).
100% of the proceeds go directly to vostok sos and the red cross ukraine. enjoy the music, and please spread the word!

(press release)

the compilation exclusively contains the new record of tides track ‘a dozen roses’.
the track was produced while working on a follow-up to ‘panamerican’.
as the track was already removed from the new album´s tracklist we are happy to present it in this context.
once again it was produced by sven piayda and mastered by michael schreiber.
(primal scapes a.k.a. michael schreiber is contributing the track ‘overseas’,
which is already available as live version on ‘vivid euclids | live 2021-12-03’.)

we like to encourage you to react to the on-going humanitarian disaster,
purchasing the compilation is one opportunity to do so.
next to contributing to this charity project, piayda is also supporting relief organizations.

a special thanks to kai niggemann for managing the contribution.

update 2022-03-16: after only about 8,5 hours we have raised over $2500 already [over $4200 after just 24 hours].
many people are paying much more than our recommended low-threshold price of $12 — one person paid $200 for the compilation.
[…] there is an amazing momentum that all of you are making happen through social media and your mailing lists.

— component recordings sale progression report

update 2022-03-17: the ukraine charity compilation already raised $5000 and it is still selling.
the compilation also appears in bandcamp´s category rankings, it is #4 in electronic, #2 in experimental and #1 in techno.

cdm writes: as far as i know, the largest international compilation has been ‘for peace. against war. who is not? a compilation for the people of ukraine’.
it feels like a landmark musical moment – at once, resisting putin’s aggression and supporting ukrainian freedom,
and also reviving universal antiwar messages. none other than wolfgang flür of kraftwerk opens with a new antiwar anthem to the whole planet,
“say no”. other names join, including stephen mallinder (cabaret voltaire), scanner, die angel (with ilpo väisänen of pan sonic fame),
schneider tm, joasihno (cico beck of the notwist), mia zabelka, and dead voices on air. but i also see a lot of names from around the world
and from more experimental corners, including friends who have been stalwart opponents of oppression elsewhere.
that is to say, this is not limited to people who have just become politically active for ukraine.
i contributed a track there, too, a new one that for me connects to how i feel.
thanks to organizers snowbeasts (elizabeth virosa & robert galbraith) and kai niggemann.
vostok sos and ukrainian red cross are the beneficiaries, and the financial response was overwhelming even in the first few hours.

update 2022-03-19: today, saturday, march 19, the first sum of money is supposed to be donated.
the last reported amount was $5600, we estimate it for today up to about $6000 to be split and donated. more info soon.

update 2022-03-21: up to now the compilation havs received $7402 in donations.
the first payments have gone to vostok vos and the ukrainian red cross for $2794 each
and additional funds will be sent when they are transferred from bandcamp.
the response have been incredible with many people donating well over the $12 asking price with numerous donations of $50 and $100.
there has been one generous person donating $200.
the label wants to thank the people who have been sharing and promoting the project and making this all happen.

update 2022-03-31: component recordings have raised over $8500 so far but hasen't received all the funds from bandcamp yet.
about $8000 have already gone to vostok sos and the red cross ukraine. feel free to spread the word that the money is already helping!
it's bandcamp friday on april 1st. this means bandcamp doesn't take their normal revenue share and
about 10% more of the money raised will go to the cause (about 5% go to paypal, the rest is actual benefit money), please support.

update 2022-04-03: component recordings has raised over $10.000 already.
bandcamp friday alone brought about $1000. a big thank you to everyone supporting and keep going.

2022_03_15 via
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without any announcement in advance and definitely surprising zany music has released the new record of tides album ‘panamerican’
as distributed via bandcamp. the album features 14 tracks pandering between different styles and production methods in electronic music.
the album was not mentioned but was already produced in november and december 2021. after collaborative releases with jan-dirk platek
and primal scapes as well as numerous features ‘panamerican’ is the legit solo follow up to ‘purchases’.

‘panamerican’ comes as follow-up to the critics´ favourite masterpiece album ‘purchases’ and its escorting ep series.
once again piayda layers synths and samples over changing beats delivering a contemporary post hip-hop variation,
but things are quite different this time.
fulfilling the teasers of ‘battery ep’ the new album for 2022 takes up the multiply remixed drum ‘n’ base hit ‘concrete walls of gruga’.
this time it appears calm and slow while being as complex as usually.
low end downbeats alternate with wurlitzer rhythms, jazzy drums as well as cold idm beats.
record of tides peers into the future as usually but has one foot in the good old american days. this mix of influences,
styles and sounds may sound strange and ambiguous as draft but merges perfectly in generating one of his most poppy albums.
this is an elaborated late work and gateway offer as well.
in all of its friendly complexness ‘panamerican’ is the parting of ways by stringing the possibilities.
where can you go from here?

(press release)

written, produced and performed by sven piayda
mastered by michael schreiber
artwork by sven piayda
distributed by bandcamp and cool record stores

update 2022-01-31: serious playfulness from a musician who has long since become an expert in the art of avoiding pitfalls.
in substance and form. protean hip hop abstraction, [...] crystallizes with the expected agility,
the double game of a crossover of influences in balance and downtempo variation.

update 2022-01-31: this friday, february 4, will be the return of bandcamp friday.
on bandcamp fridays, an average of 93% of your money reaches the artist/label (after payment processor fees).
when you make a purchase on any other day of the month an average of 82% reaches the artist/label.
so if you are considering to purchase music form record of tides or any other release from zany music,
bandcamp friday is the day to go ahead. you are always making a great deal,
you´ll get /CAMP access as may receive further goodies and releases.

update 2022-02-03: above you see two graphs documenting the performance of record of tides on bandcamp
since joining in autumn 2020 counting the plays and not the sales. we are not delivering any numbers here.
as you can see in the upper one, the attention is following waves placing the peeks around new releases.
the trend appears to be downward considering the one and a half year performance.
looking at the last months you can see ‘panamerican’ performing well by creating a high peek and a quick fall-off.
we hope for some more long-lasting success. however, download ‘panamerican’ on bandcamp friday, february 4,
and get the ‘purchases’ album (mp3 bundle) in addition as bonus item.

never miss a bandcamp friday:

update 2022-02-21: friend and collaborator sorin paun a.k.a. hexalyne has created a mix for and live event and radio show producers INDEx.
the mix #21 by hexalyne is available via soundcloud (see link below) and features next to numerous outstanding tracks
from autechre and richard devine the record of tides track ‘downfall’ from the recent album ‘panamerican’.
check out hexalyne´s latest release ‘tcaresset’ on bandcamp!

2022_01_28 via
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