on december 16, primal scapes aka michael schreiber will finally release his second solo album.
‘macrocosm’ will once again feature sven piayda on guitar, chris huff on bass and jan van aachen on drums.
schreiber has already produced ‘entertain’ (2020) with this band,
electronic musician and keyboardist andreas hilburg expands the line-up for the track ‘desperdida’.
the recording sessions have started directly after finishing the debut album in july 2021 without fixing any release dates.
van aachen, huff and piayda have released their debut album ‘monument’ as architects of utter destruction in the meantime in february 2022.

the new album turns out to be a synth rock album far away from pure electronic music.
the sleeve design and artwork has been produced by schreiber and piayda, based upon schreiber’s pixel randomizer programming,
piayda developed a series of pictures showing cgi surfaces.
these pictures have been processed ending up in the album artwork.

on friday, december 16, primal scapes will celebrate the release with a live stream event.
starting at 8 pm schreiber will stream the full album via youtube, as he has directed videos for every single song.
between the videos michael schreiber and sven piayda will discuss the production process and will also answer questions,
which will be delivered via chat.
additionally, a surprise guest will probably show up.

watch on youtube, 2022-12-16, 8 pm
check out the primal scapes youtube channel

‘macrocosm’ will be available as digipack compact disc as well as in numerous digital formats,
distributed via bandcamp and zany music.

as we are going into the last month of the year we are looking for the final events of the year.
we are happy to announce sven piayda´s contribution to the lisaluna short film festival traditionally taking place on the shortest day of the year, december 21.
the festival schedules ‘illumination interlude’, an exclusive edit of the animated music video originally directed for record of tides´s track with the same title
and originally contributed to last year´s festival which was cancelled due high corona infection numbers.
caused by restrictions of pandemic measures, the festival did not take place in 2020 and 2021.
for 2022 the festival has moved from the st. josef church basement to stapeltor in duisburg.

sven piayda | illumination interlude
stapelor, duisburg
2022-12-21, 6.30 pm


stapeltor - soziokulturelles zentrum duisburg
stapeltor 6
47051 duisburg

2022_12_01 via
facebook | instagram

it is our massive pleasure to announce the release of ‘songbook’,
a 16 track compilation album to be out on zany music and distributed via bandcamp in digital formats on november 25, 2022.
‘songbook’ is a collection of features, vocal based and song structured or underrated single tracks,
coming up in new context, previously unreleased or finally re-mastered, all produced between 2004 and 2022.
this album is a once in a lifetime piece, somewhere between art and pop.
it combines very different production methods, styles and sounds, nevertheless it works great as an album.
zany music calls it path into the record of tides universe, retrospective and roller coaster ride.

‘songbook’ features collaborations with stunning musicians, writers and producers such as
all notes off, samuel taylor coleridge, cosima & monkelmann, don scriba jr., mabel e. hicast,
kill scrxxn, jan-dirk platek, primal scapes, prjct fear, sven and dirk wienecke.

‘songbook’ on bandcamp

track list and credits as following:

01 legacy feat. don scriba jr.
02 save space feat. primal scapes
03 becausetheinternet
04 la vie pendant la pandemie feat. mabel e. hicast
05 vorwegnahme feat. cosima and monkelmann
06 mountains feat. all notes off
07 fulerum county (the saints)
08 fly away song feat. prjct fear
09 genesis feat. samuel taylor coleridge
10 slts_pro
11 makemake stendhal syndrome feat. kill scrxxn
12 a dozen roses
13 rosstrappe feat. dirk wienecke
14 smoke, wax and honey (aural park version)
15 go through feat. sven
16 expotential feat. jan-dirk platek

detailed credits coming soon.
the album will be available digitally only in different formats.

sven on the website intro picture used for 'songbook', taken from the journal:
the museum also featured a show concerning women in art, also on the question on being underrepresented
as creators and being declassified as (sexual) objects in works.
this is a complex topic I would not dare to discuss here but there was one position really striking my mind.
bolette berg and marie hoeg have been working as photographers at the end of the 19th century.
their heritage contained a box labelled as private with a bunch of pictures taken, obviously unreleased and obviously just for fun.
here the two female photographers stage themselves as boy, man, bear or smoking in a boat.
these pictures must be a hundred years old, these still look beautiful and fresh but they teach you one thing:
a lot of discussion and finding on diversity is a lot older than often realized.

and here the two women used the medium to capture some playful thoughts for the time afterwards.
here the age of (post-) postmodernism comes in. we already know,
that there is nothing new left and these women even have the medium to proof it for us.
it is the conserving medium which enhances our post-modernistic world. it should be relaxing and calming every discussion we´re in.
it is not new, we have seen it before, find out what we already have and then consider if you still feel like starting a revolution.
I felt like neo meeting the architect in matrix. so what do bolette berg and marie hoeg teach you, apart from making great photographs?

taken from svenpiayda.com/blog (2022-07-29 for the museum hat trick: arken and ordrupgaard | entry by sven)

2022_11_04 via
facebook | instagram

it is our great pleasure to finally announce the new collaboration of christopher terhart and sven piayda for terhart´s movie debut.
‘kaivalya’ can be described as an experimental documentary type of film about solitude,
it is a non-verbal and non-narrative piece of cinema. the film features scenes of decay,
nature and various places all over germany, focussing on broken beauty.
on terhart´s request piayda has scored the movie based upon known and previously unreleased record of tides tracks from the ‘purchrases’ series.
these tracks have been remixed and remastered and appear without beats as score of the movie.
the soundtrack is supposed to be available via bandcamp parallel to the movie´s release.

the release of the full movie is scheduled for 2023 without any fix date so far as it is still in (post) production.
you can already watch the trailer over here: vimeo.com/759265114

all info on christopher terhart and the project over at www.christerhart.net

terhart and piayda have already collaborated on ‘penicilina’ by record of tides.
the track ‘vorwegnahme’ was originally produced by terhart a.k.a. monkelmann,
piayda turned the track into a longer and more complex version also featuring an acoustic guitar solo.
the spoken work part written by monkelmann adapts a found text based upon conspiracy theories.
by reinterpreting and translating it into german language it is turned it into a positive prophecy.
christopher terhart is also known as visual artist mostly known for great infrared photography.

2022_10_28 via
facebook | instagram

in 2022 record of tides appeared live for three times, a live performance, a hdj set and an av live set.
as these performances focus on the sample and synth based music of record of tides,
sven piayda has been considering on how to bring up live music from the ‘collected riffing works’ albums or the architects of utter destruction debut album.
as forming a new band is not an option, it is considered to perform live guitar to a pre-produced backing track.
incidentally and not announced, piayda appeared live for a jam session at anyway, essen, on septmeber 15.
as the this way of performing live turned out to be simple and convincing, future dates for jams are supposed to come up.
on the basis of ‘collected rigging works’ these live events will be called'‘selected shredding gigs' or 'connected riffing jerks' later on.

we expect these dates for 'connected riffing jerks'
(not confirmed yet)

2022_09_25 hennie's inn musiker treff, bottrop
2022_10_13 anyway, essen
2022_11_05 affenhack, herne
anyway, essen
2022_12_02 kunstwerden, essen
2022_12_08 anyway, essen

check out
'collected riffing works'
'collected riffing works 2'
architects of utter destruction 'monument'

update 2022_09_27: here is another stunning episode: the anyway posted a date for a jam session.
I was curious but my day was already full of stuff I had to care for and I experienced some jams as pretty stupid
when singing collectives show up to present cover versions or the resident band simply plays their songs.
however, managed to show up on time, bringing my new white strat (finally playable but not yet completely finished) and the line6 pod.
well, the rest was super easy. all musicians showing up are a little bit insecure, open-minded and willing to do something together.
we really rocked a lot on improvised riffs, sometimes even improvised vocals with the audience applauding our jammed songs.
it was so thrilling and joyful that I want to do it again. I do not know if I want to found a live band again,
but recording songs and playing jams appears to be a great opportunity.
I want to some more jams in the next months or ‘selected shredding gigs’, see www.recordoftides.com.
I realized that it must have been over a decade that I played guitar in front of an audience
(or people hanging out at the same pub as I do) but I feel that I still can do it and should do it.
set your schedules: october 13, live jam session, anyway. seeya!

last sunday I did a blues jam session in bottrop.
it was strange to play blues songs I do not even know myself and wait for the solo spot.
doing a jam without any given song brings a lot more dynamics into it,
also some more euphoria. however, this is susie and me on stage for the first time in a decade.

update 2022-10-01: on behalf of bandcamp friday, october 7, zany music releases ‘downfall (slow)’.
the track originally appeared on record of tides´ 2022 album ‘panamerican’.
during the av live set at szeniale festival in gelsenkirchen on august 20, 2022,
piayda came up with a slower and restructured version of the track.
this version is now available as ‘name your price’ download in different digital formats,
later it will be added as bonus track to the ‘panamerican’ album.

click here to listen/download
link available for limited time only from october 7 to november 25

2022_09_21 via
facebook | instagram

it is our massive pleasure to announce the opening of the new sven piayda solo exhibition
at essen-based kunstverein kunstwerden on sunday, september 11 at 4 pm.
the show will be entitled ‘needle in the multiverse’ as curated by petra steinhardt
and will combine multiple disciplines and aesthetic impressions.

the press text states a following:
in his solo exhibition for kunstwerden sven piayda combines photography, video, cgi, found footage, multiples,
sound and music to create a multi-aesthetic experience.
an almost half-hour animated film and the one-hour soundtrack enable immersive immersion - as well as a memory game on display,
which makes it possible to experience the crux of fixed rules when viewing things.
full of cross-references to science, art history, and pop culture, the works from the last nine years quote nasa's probe missions,
de saussure's linguistic models, leonardo da vinci's landscapes, beethoven’s unfinished 10th symphony and hugh everett's multiverse theory.
the exhibition reflects the observation of things with limited means between infinite zooming out and authentic self-reflection:
is the answer to the question of divine genius to be found in the interuniversal, in the transcendent or in ourselves?

the show will also feature ‘future perfect (lbv#10)’, a transparent vinyl containing piayda´s attempt to finish ludwig van beethoven´s 10th symphony.
the piece has already been on display at kunstmuseum mülhein in 2021 and at galerie an der ruhr in 2020
– here the record was presented on a player to explore the sound. in the kunstwerden exhibition,
the record will not be played but sound piece will appear within the sound installation.
next to ‘future perfect (lbv#10)’ the soundtrack also feature parts of ‘saturn rings’, ‘la mer’, ‘the long way down’
as well as record of tides tracks ‘horns of paradise’ and ‘snd’.

the show, its opening and aligned events will fit recent pandemic related hygienic rules.
sven piayda is expected to be present during the opening, an artist talk is scheduled for october 23.
further dates to be announced.

sven piayda
kunstwerden e.v., essen
2022-09-11 – 2022-10-23
opening 2022-09-11, 4 pm

facebook event

opening hours sun 3 – 6 pm
fri 8 – 11 pm

ruhrtalstr. 19 in den werdener toren – tor 2
45239 essen


record of tides returned to the szeniale festival in 2022 after performing in 2019 for the debuting festival.
thanks to fans and supporters, there is a lot of material documenting both gigs which have both turned out to be very good ones.
studio is recently puzzling all media together (including photographs, mobile phone video footage and line-out-recordings)
to produce two live bootlegs capturing the performances.
we hope to have these twin bootlegs produced soon.
they may be released in future, probably escorting the next szenale.

2022_09_07 via
facebook | instagram

sven piayda has already blogged about the szeniale gig and the support by many great people.
the studio is still working on the material and will come up with more soon.
first of all, we are extremely happy to present a live snippet on youtube:
record of tides performing ‘b-petol’ with perfectly syncing visuals. the clip was filmed by sandra borbe,
who had already streamed parts of the performance live on instagram. we hope to present more snippets of the performance soon.

now you can exclusively download ‘b-petol (live at szeniale 2022)’ here.
record of tides has finally started to upload videos on youtube, most of the content is mirrored from vimeo.

the rot channel has also brought up a video documenting piayda playing ‘random darknet shopper’ at consol in summer 2021.
the track is supposed to be taken from the unreleased and upcoming ‘post internet’ album,
for which visual artist matthias danberg is working on videos.

2022_09_01 via
facebook | instagram

this has been a remarkable weekend, actually an electronic weekend.
after postponing the szeniale because of the covid pandemic and working for about two years on it finally took place last saturday.
I was finally able to play the record of tides set. after much practicing and preparing I was able to play a good gig,
I am pretty happy with the result. even if the set-up contained a lot of (still on time) improvisation,
the whole thing looked good, the way it was supposed to be.
playing live (especially in gelsenkirchen) leaves me with mixed feelings, however, I have managed to also have a good time when playing on a festival.
so I am pretty happy with the result, it looks and sounds the way I want it to, but it also feels ‘enough’ or somehow finished.
I think I could change it towards a post rock show in the future and maybe play somewhere else.
so why would I come up with a french headline while not speaking it?
well, because of me performing and seeing dominik eulberg live I would call it the electric weekend.
translating it into french makes it sound like ‘fin de siècle’ which is marking an era but also the end of it.
maybe it was defining something, and maybe it is over. I do not know yet.
however, I am thankful for a lot of support and documentation by a bunch of lovely people around.
I am still getting pictures and video snippets which I am transforming into material for the record of tides website and hopefully for youtube.
so once again, a big thank you to marion neunzig, laura haurand, sandra kunce-haurand, sandra borbe and grisho schlüsi.
I will come up with a digital thank-you-bundle. recently, there are some tracks in the making,
but I will focus on an upcoming compilation album as well on a soundtrack for an experimental movie.
matthias danberg and me are working on audio visual material for an unreleased album.
also, my on/off project called architects of utter destruction needs a second album and the song writing process is a long one…
additionally, there is still a primal scapes album in the making… let´s have a closer look on the past weekend.

marion neunzig joined my gig at consol in summer 2021. by taking and posting some pictures we got into contact and I have invented her to performances afterwards.
fortunately, she was able to join this time and took some remarkable pictures. above you can see some impressions from the gig, more soon.

my friend and collegue sandra borbe has turned out to be a big supporter by taking pictures (and partying afterwards) at szeniale 2019,
frühlingserwachen and this szeniale. she has delivered some remarkable videos (from the instagram live stream) and pictures,
not only from the gig, also from the fooling around afterwards.

2022_08_24 via svenpiayda.com/blog
facebook | instagram

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halle luja, tönisvorst, 2005
dortmunder museumsnacht, bahnhof mooskamp, dortmund, 2006
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ruhr in love, oberhausen, 2008
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kurzstummfilmfestival, zeche carl, essen, 2019 (screening event)
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electric café ruhr² open air festival, werdener wiesn
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beats im bunker festival, medienbunker
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feuer und flamme festival, marienkirche, herne, 2020

sommerbühne open air, consol, gelsenkirchen, 2021
vivid euclids (with primal scapes), youtube live stream from primal studios, essen, 2021
frühlingserwachen festival, heilig-kreuz-kirche, gelsenkirchen, 2022
kultur.picknick auf consol, trendsportanlage consol, gelsenkirchen, 2022 (hdj set)
sommerfest, schreiber ranch, essen, 2022 (listening event)
szeniale festival, nicolai kirche, gelsenkirchen, 2022
needle in the multiverse, kunstwerden, essen, 2022 (listening event)
jam session, anyway, essen, 2022 (
connected riffing jerks)
blues jam session, hennie's inn musiker treff, bottrop, 2022 (
connected riffing jerks)
jam session, anyway, essen, 2022 (
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2022-09-11 — 2022-10-23
needle in the multiverse
(listening event)

2022_09_25 blues jam
'connected riffing jerks'

jam session
'connected riffing jerks'

jam session
'connected riffing jerks'

2022_12_02 jam session
'connected riffing jerks'


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