it is our massive pleasure to announce the release of record of tides ep 'granada interface' on zany music today.
the ep is out out on vinyl only (plus dvd, no digital download or compact disc) and is already sold out caused by pre-orders.
as the vinyl version is sold out directly, and also the dvd version is out of stock, zany music has announced to produce a second batch of dvd copies.
you can register for a second batch of copies (depending on request) via contact[at], or you can order the dvd version directly.

we are happy to present the new video for 'granada interface (the lost tapes)' as directed by sven piayda.
the video features urban designs by nürnberg based artist karla köhler.
the track will be the title track of the upcoming 'granada interface ep' as scheduled for march 23 on zany music.
it will be available as vinyl only, please contact us if interested, we expect it to be sold out on day of release.

after an eternity of working with this project it finally features its own domain, please bookmark
sven has announced to work on releases in different formats to come up,
also a/v live dates and hdj sets are supposed to be scheduled.

the new album 'driftings' is out on 2017-10-23 on zany music as digital version only
download the album exclusively from /CAMP

the album is a compilation of old and recent tracks. it features tracks from 2017 sessions
as well as material released as sellafield which has not been avaialable digitally
or is available now in any other way. the mp3 download bundle also features
alternative versions of tracks releaseed as penrose delta (also not available anymore)
and is completed by a track done in a session featuring michael knak from 2015.

watch video for 'benboc altvers' on vimeo

the current album 'solna' out since 2017-07-21 on as digital version only
listen to and download the album on

watch video for 'legacy' on youtube and vimeo, watch video for 'headpoint' on
youtube and vimeo,
watch video for 'smoke, wax and honey' on youtube and vimeo
watch video for 'new technologies' on youtube and vimeo.

'swan ep' out since 2017-02-24 on
zany music and still available as physical version only
click here to order

the album 'vessel' is still available
on as digital version
and as physical version from zany music
click here to order

for latest news check out record of tides on facebook

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granada interface ep
zany music 2018

vinyl / dvd release on
zany music

tracklist & credits

zany music 2017

digital release on
zany music (/CAMP)

tracklist & credits

solna 2017

digital release on

tracklist & credits

swan ep
zany music 2017

physical release on
zany music

tracklist & credits

vessel 2016

digital release on

zany music 2016

physical release on
zany music

tracklist & credits

timber 2014

digital release on

zany music 2004

physical release on
zany music

tracklist & credits

sven piayda: summer break 2004 (o.s.t.)
zany music 2009/ 2014

dvd release on
sven piayda studio

dissident(en) club: gift (special edition)
rising sign 2004

physical release on
rising sign (out of stock)

tracklist & credits

modern world
zany music 1998/2018

digital release on
zany music

tracklist & credits

universal blossom
zany music 1997/2017

digital release on
zany music

tracklist & credits

releases with AESTATE, click cover for details

releases with mmaakkee, renert trio, the flamma piayda complex and dissident(en) club,
releases as penrose delta, sven, sellafield and shaved space monkey, click cover for details

unreleased albums:

collected riffing works
remixes for trash


live 2005-2015

halle luja, tönisvorst, 2005
dortmunder museumsnacht, bahnhof mooskamp, dortmund, 2006
fft, düsseldorf, 2007
juicy beats, dortmund, 2007
fzw, dortmund, 2008
ruhr in love, oberhausen, 2008
audiodigitale, phönixhalle, dortmund. 2008
opernbauhütte (eichbaumoper), mülheim/ruhr 2009
premiere, eichbaumoper, mülheim/ruhr 2009
evening sonx day, kunsthaus essen, essen, 2010
kunsthaus essen, essen, 2010
fzw, dortmund, 2011
kaue, gelsenkirchen, 2011
anyway, essen, 2011
anyway, essen, 2013
artemis, recklinghausen, 2014
ikosaeder galerie, essen, 2014
anyway, essen, 2015

bochum, germany, 2017 (sven piayda and label boss andreas buttweiler)

kirchberg, luxembourg, 2016

texel, netherlands, 2017




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