AESTATE | patch
release date: 2010-03-29
label: zany music
format: mp3

01 the leaves
___(squinancywort remix)
02 prov aiida
___(chris huff remix)
03 repg
___(rand0mf0rm remix)
04 6548
___(droelf remix)
05 gustin
___(pondskater remix)
06 vorc hub
___(greatK remix)
07 dack rv
___(buzzarbegone remix)
08 peel aest
___(sven piayda remix)
09 dael gishel
___(ghost frames remix)
10 cousin german
___(aestate remix,
___originally performed
___by squinancywort)

total: 46.23 min

all sounds and images by the listed remixers and artists as well as by chris huff and sven piayda.

the release contains cover artwork for every track by the artists plus three album cover versions.

zany music 2010

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