we are looking back on the first eurasia electronica festival taking place at eurasia and pilgrim art. the small experimental festival
was headlined by record of tides aka sven piayda and closed by a shorter live house set by lemon&pilgrim as well by
a dj set by dennis lemon and rees archibald turning eurasia art into a club. the night was opened by mjellmë aka swantje lichtenstein
with word based sound performance followed by very special guest rees archibald from australia
with a short drone performance. originally achim zepezauer confirmed to play live but could not show up because of schedule difficulties.

this was the first time of record of tides live since 2015, playing material from the upcoming album as well as tracks (or snippets) from older releases
and stuff released as AESTATE. as record of tides was the only act using visuals we have collected multiple photos
taken at that night which we will online within the next weeks.
we would like to thank maria zharkova, michaela best, grischo schlüsi and matthias danberg for delivering photo and video material.

the festival was developed and curated by roman pilgrim and sven piayda giving a forum to contemporary electronica
and are looking back on a night of great performances and a working concept.
further events may come. we like to thank swantje lichtenstein, rees archibald, dennis lemon and especially roman pilgrim for making this experiment happen.

eurasia electronica interview

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2018_07_16 via svenpiayda.com/news

it is our massive pleasure to announce the release of record of tides new petrichor ep' on zany music today.
the release is the second ep put out by record of tides on zany music in 2018 following the vinyl/dvd only release ‘granada interface’.
for the first time the release is distributed via archive.org, previous releases already have been published there.

the ep features the track ‘petrichor’ which is supposed to be featured as well on the forthcoming album which is already expected for
summer without any announcement of date or title. next to the title track the ep features two exclusive tracks be record of tides as well as remixes by
chris huff, j.san, kill scrxxn, mmaakkee, randomform and record of tides.

you can download the ep for free from archive.org.

eurasia & pilgrim.art have announced the ‘eurasia electronica’ festival, an event to take place on july 14, 2018 at eurasia in gelsenkirchen, germany.
recently there is no further informations available, as you know sven piayda studio is also hosting the event, a rare audiovisual live appearance by record of tides is possible.
the announcement features design by roman prilgrim, christian eschler an sven piayda. more info soon. don´t miss it!

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mirror lake magic at the gruga: as one answer to gigs that never happen (or people prefer to listen to music in a non-live setting)
and the attempt to bring good people together listening to good music zany music has scheduled the endurance listening event for july 19,
one day before releasing ‘endurance’ on kreislauf.org. if you want to join the listening event, please confirm via facebook!

endurance listening event #1 (fb event)

2018_07_16 via svenpiayda.com/news

it is our massive pleasure to announce the upcoming release of 'endurance', the fourth full length album by record of tides.
the album will be put out once again by the hamburg based netlabel kreislauf.org and will be available digitally and for free on july 20, 2018.
as ‘endurance’ features about 108 minutes of music it is difficult to played it on a physical release.
zany music is recently planning a cd version reducing the tracklist while adding an exclusive track to it. we will announce when the physical release will be available.
nevertheless, ‘endurance’ will be available on july 20, 2018 via kreislauf.org and contributed via archive.org and sonicsquirrel.net.

2018_06_18 via svenpiayda.com/news

it is great to announce that record of tides will headline the eurasia electronica festival to take place july 14 in gelsenkirchen.
the small festival will take place at eurasia and pilgrim art and will feature next to record of tides projects like mjellmë a.k.a. swantje lichtenstein and lemon&
plus another special guest. originally achim zepezauer was booked for the event but had to cancel due schedule issues
record of tides has announced an audiovisual live set, we expect recent tracks as well as tunes released as AESTATE and unreleased sounds.
the visuals are supposed to be composed of music videos for record of tides as well as video art and exclusive visual material to form a loose narration similar to kubrick´s '2001'.
you can already read a small interview with sven piayda on his recent work with record of tides and the rare appearence for playing live.

eurasia electronica interview

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2018_06_11 via svenpiayda.com/news

it is our massive pleasure to announce the release of record of tides ep 'granada interface' on zany music today (2018-03-23).
the ep is out out on vinyl only (plus dvd, no digital download or compact disc) and is already sold out caused by pre-orders.
as the vinyl version is sold out directly, and also the dvd version is out of stock, zany music has announced to produce a second batch of dvd copies.
you can register for a second batch of copies (depending on request) via contact[at]recordoftides.com, or you can order the dvd version directly.

we are happy to present the new video for 'granada interface (the lost tapes)' as directed by sven piayda.
the video features urban designs by nürnberg based artist karla köhler.
the track will be the title track of the upcoming 'granada interface ep' as scheduled for march 23 on zany music.
it will be available as vinyl only, please contact us if interested, we expect it to be sold out on day of release.

after an eternity of working with this project it finally features its own domain, please bookmark recordoftides.com
sven has announced to work on releases in different formats to come up,
also a/v live dates and hdj sets are supposed to be scheduled.

the new album 'driftings' is out on 2017-10-23 on zany music as digital version only
download the album exclusively from /CAMP

the album is a compilation of old and recent tracks. it features tracks from 2017 sessions
as well as material released as sellafield which has not been avaialable digitally
or is available now in any other way. the mp3 download bundle also features
alternative versions of tracks releaseed as penrose delta (also not available anymore)
and is completed by a track done in a session featuring michael knak from 2015.

watch video for 'benboc altvers' on vimeo

the current album 'solna' out since 2017-07-21 on kreislauf.org as digital version only
listen to and download the album on

watch video for 'legacy' on youtube and vimeo, watch video for 'headpoint' on
youtube and vimeo,
watch video for 'smoke, wax and honey' on youtube and vimeo
watch video for 'new technologies' on youtube and vimeo.

'swan ep' out since 2017-02-24 on
zany music and still available as physical version only
click here to order

the album 'vessel' is still available
on kreislauf.org as digital version
and as physical version from zany music
click here to order

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