dissident(en) club
release date: 2004-03-22
label: rising sign
format: cd

01 nebellied
02 allergie
03 die goldene zeit
04 eis sein
05 neon
06 glamourshow mit tanz
07 22:31
08 komm mit (free)
09 two floors
10 licht auf unserer seite
11 ozean

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total: ??.?? min

gift special edition
the limited version of gift features an additional bonus disc containing these tracks:

01 die münze
[string version by sven]
02 alles (für die katz)
[non-album track]
03 glamourshow mit tanz
[remix by record of tides]
04 glashaus instrumental
05 komm mit (free)
[remix by xcrmtr]

written by: herpes gugushi, holy and sven piayda
cover photography: sven piayda
herpes gugushivocals, programming, loops, percussion and keyboards
holy: samples, loops, vocals, percussion and production
sven piayda: guitars, bass, loops, samples, percussion and vocals

rising sign 2004

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