record of tides
the biggest trick ep
release date: 2021-07-02
label: zany music
format: mp3 / wav / flac

01 the biggest trick (edit)
02 she was sent
03 princess
04 rope
05 tex stretch with extra steps
06 fields
07 everything she says
08 slides (edit)

total: 28.28 min

‘the biggest trick’ vinyl ep (2022)

A1 she was sent (4.12)
A2 rope (3.50)
A3 fields (edit) (1.08)
A4 everything she says (3.02)

available as white label vinyl cuts with artwork stickers. containing hidden tracks on b-side.

all sounds and images by sven piayda
mastered by michael schreiber
zany music 2021

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