2010-12-29 lecture to lecture, a quest for the right question | entry by sven

the end of a year means looking back for everyone. however, you feel that a certain periode of your live is over, which is true, actually. 2010 was an important year to me becuase it was full of great moments and phantastic experiences, of art and success. to sum it up, i am thankful.

i have accepted myself as a questioneer, being in struggle with myself of questioning everything and never being satisfied with whatever, i have finally accepted this lack of personality and turned into something productive, concerning art or even lecturing. in this year i have finally found my own position in the cultural set-up, getting aware that i am more visual artist that musician now. this is not sad, it is not about getting older, it is about finding out and defining who you are and what to do.

all these things are of cause connected to my teaching activities: in digital design and even in optimizing textual work i have discovered the high aim of finding the right question — not the right answer. (who would be able to tell the absolute (true) answer?)

well, you name it, you´ll have it: art is not about colour, lecturing is not about facts, a position in conceptual art leads to a certain teaching position, which will lead to responsible human beings. and this is what i have learned. and, well, to have a little fun with whatever you do...

even in the beginning of the year it was clear to me that all this splitting into projects does not work for me anymore. my idea was to bring everything together: video work, photography, cgi, rock music and electronica, maybe like chris cunningham live, but somewhere during the work the concept presented it´s weakness, i have forced to much together, the TRANSFORMANCE project was over. above you see a demo version for the cover, i wanted to do a CD/DVD bundle, mixing up all the stuff i was working on.
well, here is another shift: AESTATE will be the home of my audio work in the future, a lot of music from the
TRANSFORMANCE sessions was and will be re-edited and is scheduled to come out an an ep on digital kunstrasen and later on another album. nothing got lost, just recomposed. even the cover is still in use. be exited for the upcoming stuff, i am doing music i want to listen to myself!

the river in the sky, ms best encouraged me to go on with the concept, so do i. i am working on it, it is a big production, let´s see what happens...
(she as also finished the work an a great piece, i´ll show you in 2011)

the bad weather an the endless snow delayed everything, but we have finally installed the works for the hammes collection yesterday. a small number of my work in private collection for private viewing. the collection also brought up an older work of mine which was already in the collection. a magic surprise, even for me! more in 2011!

hope to see you in 2011!

best wishes, muchos besos!

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2010-12-22 frohe weihnachten / merry christmas [redux] | entry by sven

wow that was quick! having just posted my last chritmas card approach i have imideately recieved complains, not because of missing personal seasonal greetings, but because of the mistake in the spelling. i know, it is not "softmas"... as you see, i do not take this thing to serious. this was more a kind of joke i was creating in the digital studio turning out like this...

well here is my try number two, a little more serious one, somehow more epic and teasing.
once again, you can download a larger version by clicking the images above (german on the left, english version on the right) and you can pass them on. don´t forget to add my greetings!!!

well, we are on the home stretch, just do not loose speed...
i have closed my work on photographs and cgi for this year, i´m done with teaching tomorrow, i´m organizing and looking forward to upcoming exhibitions in spring. i cannot wait to show the new works to you, some outstanding pieces from 2010 and some unreleased stuff.

i was working on a concept of a river floating in the sky, not on the ground as a symbol for hope and the future of it´s regeneratimg in shape and being. the idea is only quite good, the result is not convincing...time is running out, so this may probably end in this demo stadium.

i just wanted to add an image i had forgot so far, the kartoffelkiste. i was there only once so far, the last attempt to visit it made me face close doors. i need to go there tomororw: nearby a golden dragon wants to be brought home for christmas.

i came up with photographs of my chritmas tree in the last years, i decided not to have a tree this year, except the coneesque one on my digital christmas card. fellow artist guntram walter celebrates (with) his pink plastic tree again, this time he serves even two of them. have a look on his blog and his picture over here
photograph (c) by guntram walter.

and finally, merry christmas to all of you and
frohe weihnachten!

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2010-12-20 frohe weihnachten, merry x-mas | entry by sven

now that x-mas is coming up, i can heard many of you complaining taht the year was short. for my perception, it was not. i will have some thoughts about this next week. anyway it is time for some x-mas wishes.

i have sheduled to send out some greetings even before x-mas, my timing is sometimes a little strage, even in this case. so i will send out some wishes with a text i will have to sketch tomorrow.
the picture above is what comes out if have to much time in studio, maybe i´ll do a snow version tomorrow...maybe even a version with proper writing...
if you like to download it (click the image for bigger version) and pass it on to your friends, you can do so, please attach some nice wishes from me!

i really hope to get through the x-mas days without any circumstances, my tree will be just a digital one and we all agreed on the no present policy. thank god, that is my biggest present. it might sound odd, but i only wish for things i cannot buy.

you can expect an more personal x-mas greeting, if you do not recieve one, i must have forget you for the one or other reason. this is shameful for both of us, just tell me, web 2.0 was made for communication.

a very beautiful scene from yesterday. it looks like a still from a russian fairytail movie, but i was acually in it. after being pissed off from the snow, i get used to it. feels like hollidays in scandinavia. without the holliday, recently. (one of my former students told me to be reminded of inception, i haven´t seen it so far, do have to...?)

remembering summer, the memory remains. my memory card of one of my cameras must be large enough to spare me the erasing: a beautiful evening in biggekerke, netherlands. before and after, i was working on insomnia, the mirror twin of dormancy, two corresponding works from 2010, they will make their relevance in 2011...

one (intersections)
is like a visual poem to me. i hope for screenings in 2011, it is on its way in different directions. a beautiful piece, anyway, it came a long way, to be added to the 2011 video works, soon...

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2010-12-13 how the image becomes an icon | entry by sven

this is witnessing a strange process which is complex enough to appear as magic. being a young musician you want to do the one song which makes you famous, the artist wants a work to strike the scene like a bomb, leaving a mark worth to be remembered. the funny thing about it is: you have no control on the chosen work, for the one or the other reason, one picture is chosen twice, than others must think it is more important and take it, too. the others cannot be wrong, the single one checks the common preference and due circumstance a certain work draws more attention than the others. remember: this has nothing to do with quality or effort, from this point of view, the transformation from an image into an icon seems to follow the rules of a butterfly effect.

as journal readers you might know my connection to the eichbaumoper and the collaborations we did in 2009. and as one of a hundred photographers, i photographed every bit of it, every angle, a hundred times. next to the random images of the "hütte" i´m proud to have done the transformation series:
taking 12 pictures over 14 months from the same point of view creating similar compositions. the series was published via my photography site and was free to be used if the author is credited, actually I did never expect that someone could use one of these images, because there must have been a thousand others around.

as i´m quite active on the internet, I try to keep an eye on my presence (and representation) on the internet, so I found one of my opernbauhütte transformation photographs in different articles. OBH_trans#6 (taken on may 21, 2009 on the night after the AESTATE live performance) seemed to be the highest rated work from the series (next: my theory of the struggle within a series) so it came up in some publications, the other works did not.
in short: the picture somehow became an icon of the eichbaum bauhütte, not because of my own effort or genius, but definitely by the magic of how an image becomes an icon.

www.stadtbaukultur-nrw.de (pdf)


get the full series as download:
raumlabor berlin´s opernbauhuette documentary
like thousand other photographers, sven piayda visited the location a hundred times, like all the other photograhers he left no corner, no screw unphotographed. after six months of attempting, a series of photographs was produced which illustrate the transfomation of the opernbauhütte by daylight, season, residents and artists. giving a very formal and static view on the building, you can witness it´s changes over the months. we hope you enjoy these pictures, you can see the full series of 12 (starting back in cold january, ending in march 2010) over at the photography site.

you can download the bundle of printable photography for free. you can use them for free by telling the artist sven piayda.


more images with potential: after getting the partizipia art award (thank you once again) we found some traces in the snow. the intellectuals among us believed it was a bird, the others did also see the possibility of man-made traces as art or fooling us. can you help?

a snapshot from yesterday afternoon: it looks like a hurricane aftermath but it is just the daily decay of my hometown. as I told you to be happy to have found the KPR there (and I hope I can support them in the future) I could once again witness the going down of economy and quality. this is from a restaurant i was a few times only, always with different friends. some are still close friends - others are not. anyway, there is no turning back, as you see...

update 2010-12-17

sliding in a winter wonderland: driving sucks these days, sometimes it is fun to get your car into drifting, but actually it is dangerous outside and i hate getting late in spite of whenever i start off. even now, winter sucks.

facebook and all the other web 2.0 hoax made some of you forget how we exchanged stuff before, or how we communicated. here is a funny invention: sharing offline! next to it they occasionally create usb sticks as big as houses, impressive but hard to handle...

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2010-11-29 KPR - a new hope for art and culture, even after 2010 | entry by sven

being a born in gelsenkirchen, I seemed to have lost relation to my home city, the city became a symbol for decay. people were moving way, our favourite pub closed, even the other pub we liked closed. everything seemed to fall apart, i lost contact to many people i was in loose contact with. the internet and it's communicative web 2.0 possibilities brought back some well known people and surprisingly they were trying to bring art and culture (sometimes even irish beer) back to gelsenkirchen.

they started the "galerie auf zeit", a gallery project changing locations, and the "kunst peripherie ruhrstadt". actually, the approach to art and usage of unused space reminds me a lot of the kunst-cluster thing in wuppertal. i really tried hard to find out what the kunst-cluster is doing now, but it is impossible to keep it professional or productive.

the GAZ and the KPR seem to take over the concept and put things in their hometown into action. fortunately, they have a very open curating approach, trying to find and show very different positions in contemporary and sometimes local art. therefore the disciplines and even quality show a wide range of variety. next to the visual exhibitions, dj sets and live performances are escorting the days during running projects.


above you have an impression on friday night, it was believed to be just the start before the party starts, so everything was nice and calm. above you see photographer dennis zetlitz presenting his portfolio via iphone. It's is like an artists ritual, I remember showing him proofs of my work when we met at the first time in the "galerie auf zeit". (photograph by nadine heckner)

these days are extremely stressful, when i´m home i just fall asleep, actually i´m not home that much, it feels like spending days on the highway, it is too much driving around. (this year I not over yet, there will be more to come up) when i was driving last week i discovered a strange thing, i usually do only take pictures from rainbows or beautiful skies (via mobile phone during driving), but this really forced me to document the witnessing. it looks like nessie, what do you think it is?

sven piayda at neuwohner/barabas/schreiner
exhibition is over, once again: thank you!

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2010-11-22 zick-zack odyssey like reflections on broken glass | entry by sven

sometimes you have the opportunity even before you have the with to do it. i had the chance to get to cologne on saturday morning, without any effort, so i thought i could spend the morning and/or early afternoon like i did as a teenager: in a guitar store trying to touch at least every guitar hanging around, testing some and finally finding out that none of them would actually fit to my needs. without doing to much advertising i can say that i was visiting music store in cologne, i was not the only one this morning. christmas seems to be coming closer, a lot of kids with their parents around were explaining their sponsors the magic of a certain guitar. half europe seemed to have come to the store i made out english, french and even italian customers.
in the end (after testing only three guitars and two amps) i was convinced to have my perfectly fitting equipment already at home.

after this short trip into the guitar world (and a short visit to museum ludwig´s book shop) we agreed to leave cologne as fast as possible. originally we had planned to discover the city a little more, but it turned out to be a giant traffic jam. getting back we failed to get some late lunch, it became later and the structure of the day (which was planned by opportunity and not by needs) cracked down. it ended up as just diving from one end to the other, one traffic jam to the next, one closed restaurant to the next, and finally getting somewhere, exhausted.

mirroring the structure of day, our visit in the gerda schlembach exhibition at galerie schütte brought back following needs into our day. schlembach´s photographs, sculptures and digital prints play around with the material of glass, the look, the colour, the fragility and the broken pieces… in short: the complete range of this material. i was surprised by the range of disciplines coming up in the show, all linked by material and shape. her most common and fascinating works a probably sculptures made of glass layers forming a cube, while different silicon "drawings" between the glass layers form a kind of virtual sculpture, which actually does not exist. however, the sculptures seemed to illustrate my odyssey between a bunch of places that day. do i always have to deal with art to find out what my actions are all about?

me in the testing chamber: a hot metal axe plugged into a vox ac-15, like a porsche on bicycle tires. i entered the wrong chamber, the others were in use. while i was testing the next one was waiting outside checking if someone was in. it somehow reminded me of using a public toilet…

a new perspective for the cologne cathedral: a traffic jam gives you a lot time to take pictures. and to discover the advantages of pedestrians…

sven piayda´s works will be exhibited until november 26.
sven piayda at neuwohner/barabas/schreiner
Kalk-Mülheimer Straße 60
51103 Köln

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2010-11-16 moving images as substitute for realty | entry by sven

my tv is cracking up, now that I can not fall asleep during simpsons I miss my electric entertainer. for the first time I watched "fight club" on my macbook, like only hip students would do. the screen is magic to me, moving images which look even more like reality like photographs (or sometimes even reality itself) can be banal and stupid as in talk shows or beautiful as in video installations or fincher movies.

david fincher films a always worth a second look, "fight club" reveals surprised even after the hundredth time. i had the opportunity to watch "the social network" in cinema (yeah for free and legally) and the unique way of composing scenes and images is a magic archetype. the music was fitting and calm, electronic and spherical and composed by trent reznor, well-known nine inch nails mastermind. I thought you should know, have a look at their previous work together:

one (intersections) will not be screened or exhibited before 2011, just to let you know. the video stuff for this year is over, this peace is the bridge into the new year.

plus: more updates on the documentaries:
SICHTWERK02 (2001) exhibition documentary
AESTATEvisual2.0 (2010) exhibition documentary
watch out over here

sven piayda´s works will be exhibited until november 26.
sven piayda at neuwohner/barabas/schreiner
Kalk-Mülheimer Straße 60
51103 Köln

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2010-11-03 'panamera' making of & further documentaries | entry by sven

the 'panamera' tableau (recently in the stiftung kalkgestalten exhibition) is one of the works getting much attention, maybe more than the others, probably because of the car which is the protagonist of the work. it was executed in june 2010, next to the photograph, a video was done (filmed in june, edited in september), actually we wanted to do a video installtion showing the car abandoned in the woods, maybe moving slowly.
after driving around in the balck forest we did not find a satisfying location, driving down the into the "hexenloch" (which hole) we finally found a place wich was acceptable, but which did not look like the scene i had in my head.
we started to shoot anyway, michaela best did a documetation of my work.

this making of illustrates the setting up of the scene, the first scenes of the unfinished video work. after accepting that i would not devellop i wanted it to turn more abstract and beautiful, drifting into exploring the surface of the car, but this didi also not look like the best approach. finally i did shots to be composed afterwards which lead to the well-known photograph.

"panamera" (2010) is one of the most discussed works of the stiftung kalkgestalten exhibition. it is the only work i did with a documentary, actually it shows my approach failing two times...
it reminds me of a bright david lynch scene, what happened to the driver?

check out the new DOCUMENTARY section on the VIDEO site
or click here to watch the documentaries.
to be updated.

the submarine dwarf by atelier van lieshout in the rotterdamm habour was like a retrospective of AVL, i am glad to have seen it. the sculptures are not only aesthetic and beatiful, funny and ironic, the also question our demanding of green living and reducing emissions an recycling. 'cradle to cradle' or more simple: waste is food. the consequence leaves to slave city, an envirionmentaly freindly concentration camp with unbelievable high profit. is cannibalism the next step in solving todays (economic) problems of overpopulation or are we already cannibalizing ourselves???

some more on the habour and the installation of the exhibition. i was in the barrectum (2010-08-25 deja vu redux, or: once again) watching the documentary that you can watch above.

update 2010-10-09: getting home in the dawn is funny and scary at the same time, it reminds you of the time being younger and creates the short illusion of being younger, actually. waking up after some hours reminds you of being not.

the long home stretch: the kalkgestalten thing is still in the making... catalogue the catalogue is my crux! the works are recently at ArtCamp (no exhibition) and they look awesome!!! do not miss the opening on october 29, 2010.

AESTATEvisual2.0 2010-09-11 - 2010-10-22
at stoffwechsel, hedwigstr. 5, essen, germany
new digitally generated prints, embroidery pieces and video works from the collective. this is version 2.0!

2010-10-22 AEv2 artist meet and greet at stoffwechsel with anna dannert, michaela best, chris huff and sven piayda

2010-10-06 AEv2 artist meet and greet at stoffwechsel with michaela best (announce participation via contact[at]aestate-online.com)

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2010-10-04 eichbaumboxer aftermath | entry by sven

the boxing event was one of the greatest challenges and one of the biggest projects of the eichbaum team. I was asked to support the event, I agreed and did not have to in the end, so I could visit it like a part of the ordinary audience. the eichbaum station changed a lot, the architects of urbikon have installed some figures and wooden landscapes in the tunnel leading from the field into the subway, see some pictures by guntram walter over here.

for the boxing, a boxing ring was installed between the subway tracks, turning the architecture into a big arena. after bringing pop and electronica to the eichbaum, this time it was about rap and hip hop. actually too loud for my ears, being just a second degree hip hop fan, I could not stand it for long. even the show boxing was escorted by loud music instead of commenting the moves.

summing it up: even if I seem to have lost my vision and position in the team, even if i miss culture and transforming, I have to admit that the eichbaum team as well as the architects did a great job in making the place more colourful, nice, illustrative and somehow less abandoned. in the end the station cannot deny its fate: the audience appeared mostly quite young, drunk and only slightly interested. (even the rap mc´s could not connect to the youth)

i don´t know the future of it, looking back I seem to have already forgotten what I was expecting…

spending these warm days outside is great, i returned to the westruper heide again. always great, allways different, today i developed another photograph from the material taken yesterday. i had to think about my project the long wait, a long video work using images of the westruper heide, actually, you should not exoect it in 2010. but i hope to finish one (intersections) video very soon...

meeting friends returning from new york was great, i just got to antwerp this year, an i guess it was more cool. an this is how i look like meeting people in bochum, i could not resist to this baroque mirror.

the long home stretch: the kalkgestalten thing is still in the making... catalogue the catalogue is my crux! the works are recently at ArtCamp (no exhibition) and they look awesome!!! do not miss the opening on october 29, 2010.

spike jonze is one of my favourit edirectors and big influence on my way of develloping sets. ADAPTATION is still my favourite movie of all time, now he comes up with the vodka brand produced movie I´M HERE. you only wantch it online, i have seen it right now, maybe you like it, i just love the way he uses the light...
so let´s go to cinema together, digitally this time, real life next time?

AESTATEvisual2.0 2010-09-11 - 2010-10-22
at stoffwechsel, hedwigstr. 5, essen, germany
new digitally generated prints, embroidery pieces and video works from the collective. this is version 2.0!

2010-10-22 AEv2 artist meet and greet at stoffwechsel with anna dannert, michaela best, chris huff and sven piayda

2010-10-06 AEv2 artist meet and greet at stoffwechsel with michaela best (announce participation via contact[at]aestate-online.com)

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2010-09-25 'hacking the city' aftermath and epiphany | entry by sven

hacking the city is barely over. i´m stll a critic of the new mueum folkwang, but the hacking the city program was a blast, a masterpiece and the art of the 21. century. disturbing, questioning and re-defining reality and everyday life is the challenge for everyday life. and art, finally.

the screening yesterday was good, not that much connected with what the museum had defined as hacking before, but a chance to see video works which you usually would not see (unfortunately nothing from the projects like our CCTV video). sometimes a little boring (ms best said she´d prefer my video works!!!), sometimes not that good escorded with infromation, sometimes funny. improv everywhere are less art maybe, but entertaining city hackers and a great discovery. see video below, taken from yesterday´s screening.

later we heard strange noises from a church, we stepped in and found ourselves in a community celebration between a big band live performance and an exhibition on the coal history of the region...
on the picture above you see me in a fake coal layer mounted into the church. i am not holding a tight spot to hang myself but a pit lamp to get through the darkness.

there was no chance not to think of gregor schneider´s END in museum abteiberg in mönchengladbach.
if you haven´t been in the coffee room, you should do it. and we´ll talk about it later...

the funiest way of hacking: improv everywhere´s 'grocery store musical'
who sais that art can´t be funny?

going back to my darkness experience:
after these dark weeks of questioning, i have to come up with the most flat, simple and embarrassingly true thought: darkness helps you to find the light.

more light from the dark:
bredevoort schittert

the long home stretch: the kalkgestalten thing is still in the making...recently i´m getting happier, catalogue coming up!

AESTATEvisual2.0 2010-09-11 - 2010-10-22
at stoffwechsel, hedwigstr. 5, essen, germany
new digitally generated prints, embroidery pieces and video works from the collective. this is version 2.0!

trivia: the local hero exhibition was a desaster, see comment in the news section. i wanted to quote somebody whho was able to chose friendly words.

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2010-09-24 'hacking the city' final / screening | entry by sven

i´m still in a bad mood, i was for weeks now, even ending up in a dilemma that made me somewhere between a depression and and an endless lament. actually, i cannot stand myself telling the same boring story over and over again, i have found out for myself a third way of solution: if you cannot solve the problem and if you cannot accept the problem, keep calm, go on and trust in your own abilities to find a solution later. but most important: hack the system, make it weaker from the inside like an invited virus which was invented for manipulative reasons from the organism.

my personal battle of emancipation from the system is a complex and personal one, more entertaining is the museum folkwang show/project schedule hacking the city dealing with the same struggle of disturbing.

hacking the city made me meet the
!mediengruppe bitnik (bitnik.org) and collaborating with them for CCTV (6 min, 2010). starting as a workshop, we used the bitnik constructed "devices" (see picture on top) to fish for observation camera signals. ms best and me turned our film into a video work, see above. (stills from our work next to others can be seen over here)

today, september 24, 2010 the museum folkwang in essen will do a screening coming up with videos concerning the idea of hacking the city.
i´ll be there, hope to see you there.

willi dorner´s body trail (2008, 8 min) will be screened there also. i have reported about the performance in summer, you might remember (2010-07-11 dancing architecture — urbandrifting, yesterday | entry by sven). it was a blast. the video may help to get back to that.

however, all info over here:

there are so many beautiful works in the making, i guess i cannot comment all of them. the production of neuschwanstein pins is a metaphor for me to trust the twists in life and see how one thing leads to a compleatly unexpected other...for you once again a chance to question reality and to spend money on my art!

the long home stretch: the kalkgestalten thing is still in the making...recently i´m not compleatly happy...

AESTATEvisual2.0 2010-09-11 - 2010-10-22
at stoffwechsel, hedwigstr. 5, essen, germany
new digitally generated prints, embroidery pieces and video works from the collective. this is version 2.0!

trivia: the local hero exhibition was a desaster, see comment in the news section. i wanted to quote somebody whho was able to chose friendly words.

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2010-09-06 lecture aftermath and one blue moment | entry by sven

after returning from the lectures there is a laughing and a crying eye remaining. my idea of media criticism is not new, the idea of mistrusting media appears to be accepted but not causing an effect. i am asking myself if it is actually able to teach someone something or is the key to evolution the realisation of oneself, the others and the different intentions of these two parts. advertising tries to make people want something, to behave in a certain way, teaching means also to influence behaviour, feeding a black box for a certain result. maybe we can take away control and let people find out who they are and what they want. limiting the own existence to a small number of directions may help to find the right way.
all you need is mistrust.

from this dark valley of despairing about out chances in society, i accidentally entered the opening of the new galerie schütte exhibition on books, editions and works published by peter foolen. graphic works usually do not draw my interest, but thomas a. clark was a great discovery. he is not only the inventor of one-word-poems, he did also design the invitation card, featuring the work "one blue moment". the schütte gallery started a funny project around it, taking pictures of the card to be published on the gallery website. mr schütte asked me to contribute...

after thinking about certain ideas and discussing with ms best i thought the blue moment contains a limitation in time, so it would be necessary to shred it. actually, the shredding was just a digital process. well, here it is, lets get melancholy: the blue moment slips away like the last day of summer.
2010-09-08 update:
galerie schütte has added the work to the other new interpretations of one blue moment. go straight to the growing collection on the features site over at the schütte galerie by clicking here.

the past: when i was swimming in the sea i realized that going away from all the every day problems and hitting the point mostly far away means also to return. like reaching the zenith means going down in the future.
maybe i cannot relax because i will always have to think about the end of a story without going through the start...

2010-09-08 update (2):
the production of AESTATEvisual2.0 is still going on and very expensive and intensive. we hope to get everything together. above you see a new work entitled "model1" form the model series. once again it is a crossover between photography and cgi, it is a spin off or left over or side product from the AEv2 production.
have a look at the svenpiayda.com/photography site ovet at projects. you will find the new series model there (next to the new commissions section)

so much work, the art show for kalkgestalten exhibition will be great. still in the making...

AESTATEvisual2.0 2010-09-11 - 2010-10-22
at stoffwechsel, hedwigstr. 5, essen, germany
opening 8 pm, i hope to see you there! new digitally generated prints, embroidery pieces and video works from the collective. this is version 2.0! still a lot to do, still in the making... we will be there, will you?

trivia: still no info on the local hero exhibition. we expect the worst… tell you here

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2010-08-28 the crux of video installations | entry by sven

i have alredy mentioned it before, i went to the smak museum in gent, beguim, just to see a single video installation by david claerbout. my pleasure was even greater when i got to know that there were four very different works of his oeuvre on exhibition, the disappointment was even bigger, when we directly found out, that the installation did not work. we decide to go through the exhibition, but we were diappinted and bored, and even more irritated when we found ourselves in between mostly boring installations and more non-working video installations, see picture above.

i´m disappointed and sad, but i know that making art which is based on contemporary (digital) technology always has a crux inside. next friday, the kunsthaus jesteburg will open the art week on "energy" screening my "windmill water pump". spd politician sigmar gabriel will be there to open the exhibition, i won´t be there, i´m sorry, i´m stuck with my lectures in via stenden. all i can do is hoping that the work will be shown in a way which is appropriate, and i hope to have an installation view on this soon.

the brookhoff location posted
im zweijährigen rythmus sind auch künstler auf dem brookhoff zu gast. wir begrüßen "unsere" künstler julia wally wagner und sven piayda ganz herzlich!

once again, i would love to join the exhibition, but i can´t, you will have to do this without me. and i hope you won't find yourself in front of a blank screen like i did on the picture above.

a picture from yesterday: the south of my hometown has some places i have neglected so far… but why?

above: making the kalkgestalten exhibition is a big thing: a tiny view in my atelier: "blown away" is in the making and soon ready to be hanged.

2010-08-30: an update from today´s morning. this much too cold weather and a sublime bad mood produced an epiphanic moment in the early hours of today. shortly after sunrise saw a rainbow, the bow a lot later, the ray hitting the gound much earlier — like a killer ray from an ailien spaceship. or a love ray, it depends on the mood...

still a lot to do.

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2010-08-25 deja vu redux, or: once again | entry by sven

this is really strange: it feels like i am at the same time at the same position as last year, same stuff behind and same stuff ahead. usually you yould expect things to be more comfortable when they seem familiar, but this is different.

i took some weeks off to work on some photography in the netherlands and belgium and to relax, of couse. we had some disappointing and great times at the sea and in different exhibitions. above you can see me in the atelier van lieshout´s BarRectum, a strange return, as it was my favourite place to be in 2008, check the journal. i feel home in antwerp somehow, and now i return and order the visual material and the upcoming dates. i feel like drowning in work.

next week i will do the media competence lecture at via stenden, i was originally supposed to do that last year, but a bad virus forced me to stay at home.
here we go again: media competence!

above you see dormancy (2010), a work which actually was highly appreciated du its perfect techique and poetic approch. it will be exhibited in the art show which i will do with the kalkgestalten foundation in october. within the last weeks i was in a big production concerning an answer to this image called insomnia. as you can imaging it is vusibly a reverse approch to dormancy. the work will be up soon.

this autumn is full of events, join me.

finally: we returned to rest de polderkamer!!! photographs will be coming soon!

once again we had to restructure svennet, i hope you like it. it is minimal. let´s focus on the content and the real world.

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2010-08-10 a long break with changes, what´s next? | entry by sven

long time no read - well, for some good and some bad reasons, it was not nessessary to comment or tell something. the bad mood after the loveparade and some more personal dark clouds made it it hard to go outside, i was thankful for änna´s poetic reports from the big apple.
actually, the first weeks of this summer were coined by the two AESTATE gigs at kunsthaus essen, our way of presentation was perfect and recieved great feedback. even the reken harvest ep is running well.
originally i wanted to produce more this summer, i had a new set up with my hard- and software, it may take some time until i feel comfortable in it again.
in the next months we will probably bring the next AESTATE album to an end and will come up with in in 2011. AESTATE will transform even more.

in the meantime i´m concentrating of doing photographs, i´m using facebook (hell yeah, i finally logged into it) as a sketch book, collectiong works to add thgem to my photography site.
the future will be more about exhibitions, lecturing and producing stuff and coming up live in unexpected ways. (yesterday we planned something mixing up rock with video art, tba in december...)
tomorrow i´ll we are going to organize an exhibition which will be coming up in the end of october in cologne, you will like it.
yeah, and the windmill water pump at kunstwoche jesteburg...
why do i feel like nothing has happened?

plus: no idea what to do on a monday eveing?
evening sonx at kunsthaus essen is publishing their schedule via facebook now, but you do not have to be logged in, click here to have a look at their public calendar.

extra plus:

REST DE POLDERKAMER [...] and is a must see. the fish was great, the service outstanding, the atmosphere somewhere between kitsch and strange. it felt like we had found something which was somewhere outside, far out, near the edge of the world... (from 2009-08-15 the fish restaurant at the edge of the world | entry by sven)

i will return to it and after last year´s experience i hope top be not disappointed.

triple plus:
svenpiayda.com and /svennet recieved a makeover, it is never easy if you want to avoid wordpress systems and if you have to present a lot of text. anyway, this is our best way of doing it. i hope you like it, it hape it helps you to follow us!

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2010-08-05 das ist auch NEW YORK… | entry by änna

...ich wohne in einem reinen Frauen-Apartment Haus und Männer sind hier zwar gern gesehen, aber scheinbar nur von den Bewohnerinnen: Männer dürfen nicht in die oberen Etagen, in denen die Zimmer sind - nur in Begleitung von einer Mitarbeiterin, die die ganze Zeit die Zimmer-Besichtigung bewacht...///...für den Besuch gibt es kleine, offene Kabinen im Erdgeschoss, zwar nett eingerichtet, aber eben kleine, offene Kabinen ...///...dafür gibt es interessanterweise viele männliche Hilfskräfte im Haus, die auch über die Flure schleichen, durch die man im Handtuch eingehüllt von der Dusche in sein Zimmer eilen muss...///...Apropos Dusche: Martha (Foto unten; aus Dortmund) hat sich bei der Hausverwaltung beschwert, dass jemand in die Duschen gekackt hätte und dass das seit Tagen nicht weggewischt werden würde...es stellte sich letzten Endes als Zementhaufen raus...///...wieso in zwei Duschen ein Zementhaufen festklebt, der nach Kacke aussieht konnte bis heute nicht geklärt werden...///...vielleicht mal zu was erfreulichem: überall wo wir hinkommen werden wir als Deutsche freudig empfangen und für die wahnsinnige Leistung unserer Nationalmannschaft beglückwünscht - und so wieso so scheint Deutschland bei Amis und allen anderen überaus beliebt zu sein - gute Wirtschaft, tolle Städte, interessante Geschichte...///...in dieser Metropole für Trends und Mode habe ich doch tatsächlich eine neue Frisur für mich entdeckt...vom Seitenscheitel aus zwei Haarwürste eindrehen und am Hinterkopf mit einem kleinen Kamm feststecken; ich bin begeistert und laufe nur noch mit dieser Kreation rum; der Aufenthalt hat sich also schon in mehrfacher Hinsicht gelohnt...///...bisher wurden weder die Wasserknappheit noch Stromausfälle zur Gefahr für unser alltägliches Leben...allerdings berichten hier alle von dem heißesten Juli seit 20 Jahren...gut, dass der nun vorbei ist; allerdings wird der August in der Regel noch heißer...///...der Großteil der Mädels ist der Hitze erlegen und hat sich für 250 Dollar eine Klimaanlage ins Fenster einbauen lassen...(das Fenster kann man dann übrigens nicht mehr öffnen)...///...unter 21 kommt man ab 21 Uhr in keine Bar mehr rein- diese bittere Erfahrung habe ich nun mehrmals [...] machen müssen ... bei Bierpreisen von mindestens 6 Dollar und Cocktailpreisen ab 12 Dollar aufwärts, plus Steuer und Trinkgeld, jetzt aber auch nicht das schlimmste von der Welt ...///...dafür gibt es hier wahnsinnig viel kostenlos und draußen zu erkunden: Open Air Kino (French Connection, Ghostbusters, Die Ritter der Kokosnuss und kommenden Freitag Indiana Jones auf einem Flugzeugträger), Konzerte ( Oper, Folk pop...), Salsa Open Air Disco auf einer kleinen Verkehrsinsel und und und ...

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2010-07-15 das ist NEW YORK… | entry by änna

…eine Frau wird von Sanitätern auf einer Liege in Richtung Krankenwagen geschoben. Sie hat eine Sauerstoff- Maske über dem Mund und tippt mit ihren Händen wild auf ihr blackberry ein…///…viele haben an ihrem Gürtel so kleine Taschen, wie für eine Pistole, in denen das iPhone (hier hat wirklich jeder zweite ein iPhone) steckt, damit man die Hände und Taschen frei hat, es aber jeder Zeit griffbereit ist…///…meine Arbeitskollegin zahlt für ihre 45 Quadratmeter kleine Wohnung in Queens 1200 Dollar pro Monat – sie muss jeden Tag ungefähr eine Stunde mit der Subway nach Manhattan rein fahren…///…im Winter sollen angeblich viele Firmen gegen zu hohe Hitze durch die Heizung wie folgt vorgehen: sie drehen die Klimaanlage auf …///…in den Büros aller meiner Mädels hier gibt es weder Gläser, noch Tassen oder gar Besteck oder Geschirr – dafür alles in tausendfacher Ausführung in Plastik…///…weil hier alles weggeschmissen wird, und eben nicht gespült, haben wir wohl auch keinen Wasseranschluss in unserer Büroküche – wir müssen zum Spülen immer auf die Toilette gehen…

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2010-07-11 dancing architecture — urbandrifting, yesterday | entry by sven

essen´s citizens are alreday familiar with culture everywhere and ongoing (sometimes parallely) performed events. the single white night openened the theater der welt series (see 2010-06-23 a tiny sensation: one white night in 2010 | entry by sven) but it could not convince me at all, the combination of long speeches, baroque music and public soccer watching combined with a lack of park illumination left me disappointed. fortunately, i joined the urbandrifting by choreographer willi dorner yesterday. the wheather is incredibly hot these days anyway, so why not go out...

the perfomance started at söllingstraße, essen:
the dancers started to use their own bodies to define space and combine their own shapes together to use the given minimal space fighting against static and gravity. sometimes funny at first sight, the perfomance turned into a concentraded variation on the same topic, the own nature given space combined with others and surroundings, isn´t it what archetecture is all about?

phase two: after playing with the own bodies, more and more furniture came in to be combined with the dancers to explore more shapes, shifting over to modern archetecture and their exiting ideas of static and aesthetic fascination.
the forming of human sculptures, one after the other, became more an ongoing movement like dancing, falling from one position into the other.

finally, the audience had to follow the performers downtown to essen an the grillo theater. on the guided way the performers positioned themselves "into" the given archetecture. being dressed in colourful clothing, the sometimes strange positioned bodies appeard poetic and funny (reminding me strongly of the work of erwin wurm) and sometimes irritating and scary (reminding me of gregor schneider).

to sum it up, i´m into abstraction and futurism and this way of theatrecal (dance) performance really hit the core for me.

i took some pictures of the performance (not processed or edited),
i thought you might like to have a look:
click here to download the zip-file. (no longer valid)
please use the photograps with permission only.
the link will be valid seven days only.

that was a great soccer world championship.
as we are disappointed on the one hand because of really having a chance,
i am thankful for third place, no one expected us to go this far, congratulations!
as usually, more to come...?!

lost in reality

AESTATEAESTATEthe flamma piayda complexAESTATE
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2010-06-30 gian-carlo chiarenza transforms the roses | entry by sven

svennet journal reades may remember the madame new generation sculpture by fellow artist gian-carlo chiarenza.
we know each other due my teaching activities, i konw about his work and his conceptual approach, actually conceptional, contemporary and fashion addicted.
while the exhibition of my work roses (after richter) is recently still going on, the conception and the production of the piece took more than six months. i was convinced by the my concept all the way, so was mr chiarenza who followed the progress and fell in love with the work at first sight.
he declared it to his vavourite image of the year - what an honor!!!

while i´m more into photography and video, he is more into sculpture and fashion, so he transformed the work into an "art shirt", turning the still of my video into an icon.

the photograph shows us on a stressful day in a calm minute, gian-carlo chiarenza is wearing the shirt, me on the right feeling honored.

well, chiarenza did not just explain his fanatism about the work, like a metallica fan running around with a black metallica t-shirt. he has a big understanding of the work and he takes it to carry it further: the image of the roses originally decays due a decaying video tape, chiarenza takes the still of already high quality loss and prints it upun a shirt - once again to decay after everytime getting washed. he cuts out richter´s idea of blur and pushed my idea of decay.

i don´t know about the edition, if you are interested in getting an "art shirt" please mail us and we will see what we can do for you.
click here

so have a look at our exhibitions:

gian-carlo chiarenza

madame new generation
04 jun 2010 - 27 jun 2010
Turbinenhalle Bochum, Gahlensche Straße 15, 44793 Bochum


26 jun 2010 - 04 jul 2010
museum burg horn, horn bad meinberg

click the images above for info and features:
roses (after richter) web feature and the catalogue as pdf file.


03 jul 2010 | 9 pm
Opernbauhütte, Südlicher Vorplatz, Haltestelle Eichbaum, U18
Mülheim an der Ruhr, Germany 45472

AESTATE will come up with new sounds and visuals:
this is the first date for 2010, more to follow, see live dates.
hope to see you!

lost in reality

AESTATEAESTATEthe flamma piayda complexAESTATE
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2010-06-23 a tiny sensation: one white night in 2010 | entry by sven

allthough i´m not so much in theatre and acting in general (an as i´m focussed on my own exhibition, of course) the white nights in the raffelbergpark by the theater an der ruhr have become highlights of my summer days in the last years, i have always reported about it, starting in the journal back in 2006 and the following years!

last year i was shocked by the bad news that the theatre will not do white nights in 2010 — what a mess in the year of the capital of culture!
now there seems to be a compromise: no acting, no weekend but soccer world champinonship and music.

there will be one white night on tuesday, june 29, 2010, starting around 6.30 pm.
have a look at the program over here.

this seems to be a reduced version, but it is better than nothing and a an empty slot on my expectations for summer.
i won´t miss it, what about you?

don´t forget to visit my current exhibition:


click the images above for info and features:
from left to right: R(AR) web feature, catle festival flyer and exhibition catalogue.

lost in reality

AESTATEAESTATEthe flamma piayda complexAESTATE
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2010-06-19 atelier van lieshout strikes back: motel bochum | entry by sven

yesterday was a drowsy day, the german soccer team lost the match, the wheather was not useful und i was hanging around very tired. in the evening, just to get out somehow, we decided to visit the MOTEL BOCHUM, an installation piece by atelier van lieshout on commission on the A40B1 art project.
in their typical style of art and design, architecture and utopism, pragmatism and black humor, the group installed a motel featuring rooms, space for animals, a stage, toilets and some equipment to use for sexual games (in case of liking it the harder way...).
keep in mind, the motel is set next to a parking space which is the homebase for all the car tuners presenting their pimped out cars wondering what this is all about. watch worlds collide...

AVL have always been impressive, you might remember 2008 and all the svennet features on the museum folkwang exhibition SLAVE CITY and it´s BarRectum (or "arschbar" as it was called in german).
having strong interest in places like these (placing a habitat somewhere to start culture and party) i would like to remind you of the eichbaum re-opening on july 3, 2010!

the motel set-up also featured a wagon functioning as a stage or transformative spce for different things wich was originally part of The Good, The Bad and The Ugly, 1998, tp once again bring art to the people.
on the pic above you can see malte struck and mark wehrmann doing a 20 minute death metal performance, fascinating and then scaring the tuners.
before there are rumors coming up, it may look like us, but the band above is not the flamma piayda complex.
the death metal perfomance is not sketched as a live gig in the first place, it s an art performance, it usually looks like this.
this makes me think about my dress code for AESTATE...

i´m so excited: the ROSES exhibition is escorded by a large program and festival, have a look at the flyer:

we will set up the installation on monday, svennet and i will report as soon as possible, i promise to coeme up with pictures. i hope you enjoy the features and visit the exhibition and the festival.
this is so exciting!!!

lost in reality

AESTATEthe flamma piayda complexsven | pentagroove
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2010-06-08 panamera rodeo - three countries in 48 hours | entry by sven

when i read that porsche planned to come up with a car having four doors like a limousine i was curious, when i saw the first picture i was convinced. however they really managed it to get the typical and elaborated trademark design onto the long vehicle. a long story short: i fell in love with the 2009 porsche panamera, right from the start. and sometimes life is great. due my unstoppable enthusiasm, ms best's perfect management, a very kind book publisher and some luck, of course, the rendezvous became real last weekend. i found myself in the dark brown leather interior of the most outstanding car i can think of. porsche invited us to spend three days with a silver panamera s and to visit the porsche museum in zuffenhausen, stuttgart.

we received the keys by the very friendly and cool porsche associates. we put our stuff into the car and parked it first of all to have a look at the porsche museum. the staff did not expect us and was not informed about our arrival as planned, but they let us in. the museum is a strange futuristic building showing milestones of progressing models of this company. it was a great museum of witnessing development of outstanding design and craftsmanship. as i have reported back in 2009 (2009-03-12 imagine you're driving fast, rolling sculptures | entry by sven) i have a strong interest to automobiles, because e i consider them as sculptures, in this museum they were actually presented as sculptures.

on the picture above you can see a picture from the inside of the museum, on the upper right corner you see a special unique model once build for ferry porsche, a four door version of a 928 model, actually the first idea of a sportscar limousine which actually led to the panamera model.

having a fast car for three days makes you think about travelling, where to go? we planned to go to luxemburg at first but that was probably to far way from stuttgart. the first day we just drove around a bit, had dinner in ludwigsburg and checked into our hotel in stuttgart. after breakfast we decided to test the acceleration and speed of our car on the way to konstanz, germany and finally kreutzlingen, switzerland. well, this car really can do both, act like a family limousine and be aggressive like a rocket. the first time testing the acceleration power made my pulse go up and my hands shake. i did never before drive so fast before, and actually never travelled so fast and comfortable. switzerland is really expensive, we found out by having some ice-cream. after exploring the city we drove back to germany and checked into a tiny hotel in the black forest. we accidentally found the hochfirstschanze, later we went down into the hexenloch ("witch hole") a deep valley deep don in the black forest where we originally wanted to spend the night, but it was overbooked. so we had dinner instead, check out "gasthaus felsenstüble", recommended!

i spend the evening scanning the panorama with video camera, the video project focussing on the panamera did not turn out to be valid, so i abandoned the idea, was doing some outstanding photographs instead… the night had some clear view on the stars i haven't seen for years.

the next and final day had not time to waste, after early breakfast, ms best was in control and we set the on board navigation system to france and drove to strasbourg. ms best did everything to not park in a car-park (for the right reasons) but we had no other chance. so we drove onto a fucking small and ugly car-park with and extremely beautiful and long car. discovering strasbourg was great it took some time until we entered the downtown tourism quarters. after a tarte flambee we decide to go back, getting the panamery out of the car-park was my job, and well, it was stressful, looking back i still have no idea how we managed it to get the car out of the car-park.

after a very expensive gas station stop we were back in zuffenhausen to hand it back again. these three days are memory now, the car remains a dream which were real for some days. next to diving really fast and experiencing the acceleration i love to remember the faces of everyone watching us in the car, of watching us dreamy guys stepping out of the expensive luxury rocket. i am more into cars than every before, so let's take it to the next level…

some photographic works as taken during the journey, processed afterwards, last two dasy, actually:

these are some works which will come up on the photography site soon, this is just a preview: "fountain" as shot in ludwigsburg, "dusk" in stuttgart. "villa" was a straight street shot in switzerland and the work "panamera", originally planned as video work which did not turn out to be working, so i did it as a photograph, photographed in the hexenloch. "dormancy" combined the vally at midnight and the other morning, combining the two points in time before and after my night sleep, a surreal piece actually. finally "strasbourg" giving the romnatic idea of it. there are more works around and in the making, they will come up soon over at svenpiayda.com/photography

setting up the site for roses (after richter), incl. a big feature. coming up within the next days, please check back soon.

lost in reality

AESTATEthe flamma piayda complexsven | pentagroove
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2010-05-19 the artwork as a portal, enter the ENTRANCE | entry by sven

when i watch the devellopment of my own work, i can witness a shift to the visual department, no doubt the music is still there, even more ambitioned.
when i considered an conceptual approach in creating art, i was in photography at first, later the idea of processing and manipulating became stronger. now, 2010, there is a new layer, technically and conceptually: next to digital composing and processing the modus operandi of generating parts or whole images (like a painter) is one of my favourite working methods these days.
conceptually, i am recently analyzing the ability and surface of the artwork, here: a photograph (more or less):
this surface (what it is, actually, is another approach, not to be determined now) is functioning as mirror (showing what the spectator is able to see because of his experience) and a portal (leaving the "real" world, entering the artwork and the concept of itself, transporting the message or the "idea" of an image)
however you want to see it, the photograph promises documenting the truth, but it remains just an image with the same irrelevant connetion to the real world than anything else.
ENTRANCE (see work above on the left) shows the image as an image. the motive and the lines in it seem to seduce the spectator to get in (the physical shape reminds you of a door), on the other hand it still claims to be just an image, and therefore nothing but a mirror showing the well-known.

to take this idea to the extremes, you can actually step inside and grap the photograph which is shown on the photograph. if you enter the /CAMP, you can download the photograph called "LOCK" (unlimited and unsigned), which is shown in the artwork called "ENTRANCE" (signed, dated, edition of three).

so, can you use portal and enter the entrance?

some more work: the AESTATEvisual video installation "islanders" was finished, it was based upon prints generated on comission. the other video work "vessel" did also come up with extra output, the morphing body was set in studio for some tender black and white shots. the vessel series looks quite different from the stuff i usually do, but once again, they are not showing something, they are triggering something...

have a look at them and other new works over at

lost in reality

AESTATEthe flamma piayda complexsven | pentagroove
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2010-05-08 every cloud has a silver lining over the eichbaum | entry by sven

you know, the last year at the opernbauhütte at the eichbaum station was great, but after the projects end things were left over to fade away. some left-over artists had stared one or the other attempt to bring the hütte back to live and it was disapointing and seemed to be without success at the beginning of 2010.
now there is some hope.

on april 22nd, 2010 the core of active participants like photographers, autors and even politicians met once again on my invitation in the heimaterde, mh adr, near the eichbaum.
there are two main ideas for activities in 2010: on the one hand social interacive or educational projects for local and financial issues, and on the other hand some cultural events.
since may 5th, 2010 we know that the hütte will stay at the eichbaum for 2010, so we can focus on some events at summer.
i am recently working on two concepts recently:
the working titles are "auslegungssache" and "six strings on the oak". i wont tell more now, the concepts will be worked ou in the next weeks and you will know what is coming up.
do you want to participate?

i am extremely on the go these days, doing competitions planning exhibitions and thinking about curating an exhibition. next to that i have explored two new layers within my photographic work which become more obvious and important this year. the one is the idea of the surface of a work, sometning i will explore, mybe in a text but probably also in an exhibition, the other thing is the digitally generated visual material to be combined with "real" photographic sources to produce autonomic images.
from the mixing up of wide influences, my work is becoming autonomic now, the gap between the realism of its appearance and the manipulative lies which they include is getting larger, generating a high tension.

my interest in the essence of photography within a post-modern artwork production has never been stronger. therefore i have a tip for you:

today galerie schütte in essen, germany opens the "fake & real" exhibition, curated by rémi faucheux .
i wil have a look at it tonight, and this is what you should do, too!

opening today, 5-8 pm
until june 5th, 2010


lost in reality

AESTATEthe flamma piayda complexsven | pentagroove
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2010-04-27 44th art cologne 2010, the journal report | entry by sven

it must have been my 10th visit of the art cologne, somehow my fascination has never left, even if there have been better and sometimes more boring shows. the attraction is of course on the art aspect, but i´m also fascinated of the scene, the generating of prices and the presentation of gallery profiles. this year i had the chance to enter as a guy from press, so i would have expected a more open giving of information and catalogues, but i was wrong. being a long time visitor and spectator, i guess i have worked of the character of this 44th show.
the selling aspect seems to be more and more important, the aggressive way of showing as much as possible has produced similar set ups: galleries do not have the space of showing more works of a certain artist, so they show different teasing pieces by different artists, so you do not really have the chance to understand what it is all about, you can just have a look at the different stuff and discover "cool" looking stuff. all the concepts go astray, you cannot understand, just watch. the peak of this development was a commercially well placed marilyn manson painting, i don´t know what to think of him as a visual artist, but the way of presentation is always just a very visual and hyping way. money seems to travel on the surface only.
this seems to sound a little bit disappointed, but i´m not, i really had a great time and discovered great stuff, but actually there were no new positions which really turned me upside down. let me tell about some new dicovered positions, these are my highlights.

as we entered through the press centre, we went through the exhibition of the students of the academy of media arts cologne and i was very impressed. in a big dark room, you could slowly walk from one scenery to the other i´m really into video installations, actually i´m fascinated by works that i would have like to have produced. my favourite was probably the one in the middle: a house covered with ivy and the wind playing with it, making soft waves running friendly through the leaves. an installation which looks like a picture, a photograph, with slight movement capturing the time into it while having maximum realism. actually, may people did not find the exhibition room, it was a little far out of the fair, some gallerists even did not know it was there, but i´ve told them to go there…

the english workplace gallery at the open space sections had a catherine bertola installation there. "killing time" once again crosses the disciplines and made me curious. at first you see only the frames on a wall, old photographs illuminated, than you discover the noise and flickering. walking around the wall you find the projectors, which seem to show only one image, but i found out that the work is more complex. based upon old catalogue pictures the artist has placed herself via digital processing as the protagonist into the old interiors, exploring the time-wasting which was suggested even in the original photographs. is modern living nothing more than being passive in between expensive furniture?

if you have read the journal this year, there is no need to introduce tim berresheim again. i knew his cologne based gallery would be there, so i watched out for it. there was only one work exhibited (untitled, 2007) which impressed me because of it´s appearance as a piece of wood with a high quality print. taken out of the context of his other work, this may be difficult to understand and maybe not that interesting on the first look, but this is just the problem of the fair: one piece to represent one artist and his concept, this won't work for more complex approaches. i met tim berresheim later at the release party for his solo album "studies in future blues", which was great, but this is enough for a different story.

hiroyuki masuyama (just discovered that i already have a catalogue of older work) was once again a magnet for all the new media fascinated but classic art trained audience. being my favourite in 2007 reworking caspar david friedrich stuff he now comes up with william turner. ms best, who mad the whole press thing happen, fell in love with jacob hashimoto´s work, she discovered herself as searching for some poetic positions somewhere between object and installation. even after many serious tries, i could not get a catalogue.

finally, jay and me surrounded by art again: jay discovered an interactive sculpture by the students of media arts cologne: "cut the hedge as you like it" and that is what he did. a young woman asked me what is going to happen with the hedge, i just said it was made for the moment and the performance, it will be thrown away. i asked myself why she had asked me about it, jay explained later: "she must have thought that you were one of the students and she looked very disappointed after your prognosis!"

finally, i was there for two days with close friends, it was great and i had a fantastic time, but two days is enough, even for me. and: as you there is the classic pic of me again.
the art scene is always heaven and hell, more heaven when it is about art, more hell if it is about profit.

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2010-04-12 art, culture and profit | entry by sven

the capital of culture thing is tricky. there is so much great stuff out there, as usual, you´ll find the masterpieces far away of the mainstream.
to be honest i´m scared of all these culture people being not professional while pretending to be (that´s bad but not the point) but without and knowledge or vision.
i have found myself wasting time with people. i was asking for gallery opening hours via e-mail, but i never recieved a response - but the newsletter! (how do you call this, spam?) i was invited to a meeting for collaboration to find out that nobody had tried to get into my work honestly, so why did they waste my time?
after the first weeks of 2010 i have found out a terrible truth, proved twice: there are gallerists who want to earn money with stuff they do not understand or not even like. i feel ashamed. my idea of the future is the rise of the creatives: have a look at the music industry, more and more artists find out that in this oversold business a label is as helpless as everyone else, the little money get´s lost in it´s guts. be aware, i have a vision for another concept.

let me tell you about a brilliant event. this easter the EGGXPO was taking place at atelier lange. the name may be a little bit funny, but the exhibition featured a wide range of contemporary local artists. sure, some stuff i did not understand, some good and some brilliant stuff. no doubt, one highlight was of course sculptor claudia buch. she is coming up with realistic loooking wax sculptures of vegetables and bread, i have realized her work back in 2009 at KUBOshow. well, the eggxpo did also come up with a new concept concerning the selling and spreading of artworks (and yes, this is not about profit) and finally, one of claudia buch´s sculptures, the spitzkohl, is now part of ms best´s collection.

collecting art is exiting again.

this good friday featured a trip to museum folkwang. i´m sorry, but even after my second visit, i am wishing back the old building. it was smaller and maybe not optimal for art, but it worked and i witnessed fantastic exhibitions there. the new museum looks like you would expect a museum for international competition, but i do not feel it inside. maybe there is something wrong with me?
on our way home (short visit to the herbert kettner show at anyway) we watched the kilometers on the clock stepping to 100,000 km. this made be think! where have we been and where do we go next? what will be the largest number ever appearing on the display and have we already passed the larger part?

there is never an answer, but a question, thank god.

new works, working against the cliches which are reanimated recently: svenpiayda.com/photography

special thanks to
libella proof: libella-proof.de

in your universe you are many,
in my universe i am one:

remixes now, live soon:


seeya soon, hopefully!

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2010-04-03 some intersections and the concept of returning | entry by sven

some days off are great, but this weather is torture. being obsessed with the benelux countries we decided to do a trip to utrecht in the netherlands. actually, it was rainy thand therefore just running form one store into the other. something funny happened:

last autumn we viseted the M_KHA in antwerp and the museum´s shop had a single copy of a very rare david claerbout book. because ther price was to high and they did not want to go lower because of scratches on the cover ms best adviced me not to buy it, but to find it on the internet. actually, the digital searching turned out to be successless and disappointing
, so the enterprise was abandoned.
now, six moths later, running away from the rain we stepped into a book store and found the last copy of the book again, perfect condition, low price, what a funny incident of losing and finding, of returning to a concept and not a certain region but finally finding the same.

if we think of returning to a certain place defined by axes on a map, can we add another axis, which is not time but pragmatism to it? so we can return on a third axis, which holds new adventures on the first ones, but finally ending up as aimed. too tricky? probably, find out yourself. why are you still reading, get outside!

also, i witnessed the final performance of der innere innenminister (the inner secretary of state) by till müller-klug (director), claudia wiedemer & bernadette la hengst. i do not find myself in theatres to often, but ms la hengst is always a good advice when it comes to performing. the play is about the shizzophrenic way of hearing voices, especially the one of the former german secretary of state. it ends up as a lesson on paranoia and manipulation, funny on the surface and horrible in the deeper understanding. i would recomend you to watch it, but it is over.

afterwards we shared some ideas concerning the opernbauhütte at the eichbaum. actually, the project is still not dead.
bernadette la hengst is recently working on a girl´s band in katernberg, find out over here.
still we are trying to get the hütte back to live.
we will meet at the end of april to fix our ideas, and there are some ideas in the orbit.
this is my last try anyway, but i have some hope. i my become a hot summer...

AESTATE´s patch gained perfect feedback, resonod and success, finally, the crosspromotonal concept seems to have worked. if you havent, downlod patch and be exited for some future dates, jep, we are fixing live dates for 2010. where? come on, in the capital of culture of course!!!

remixes now, live soon:


seeya soon, hopefully!

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2010-03-21 odyssey of of events, depot of reviews | entry by sven

without any doubt, there is a lot going on in the capital of culture. actually, most events and the idea and production of events seem to be a question of money, and how to produce without it. in the end many projects are produced which contain empty phrases and cliches of the old ruhr area.

yesterday i found myself in areal odyssey, attending to different places, not finding, what i was looking for, or, what was promised.

above you see me in a place which is outside on the country side, actually a non-cultural place, still a secret tip, but turning itself into a small institution of cultural and social events. i have to consider, the truth about the region and its culture is a phenomenon which is not easy, probably not at all, to capture.

the eichbaum thing is a love/hate thing for me. it is so sad, we cannot go on, caused by missing money and organisation, to be honest, i still hope for much, but i expect nothing.
i have finaly recieved the voucher copy for the issue i have written for and i would like to pass on some news concerning the documentation.
(there are ideas on coming up for the eichbaum, still guntram walter and me are always forming outstanding strikes...)

some looking back once again: bernadette la hengst and myself during one of many parties at the hot summer and below the final evening.
due the research of the eichbaumer newspaper i found the youtube video of the final performance of bernadette at the eichbaum, The Oak Three and the Princess of Eichbaum. when the camera shifts around, you can even see ms best and me in the audience! below you can watch the piece, featuring the touching song about the tram´s feelings about her local destination and dreams of attending new borders.
below (just to have it together) AESTATE´s first live performance at the eichbaumhütte. a fantastic gig, ending up in encore and long after show party...

yesterday mr walter told me about the local hero recklinghausen festival, we went there, it was like the first day giving you an idea of summer. the festival performance was...let´s say, not really good. it was just waiting for the white captain (why ever) and when she arrived it was waiting and killing time until the fireworks were started. this full process of killing time was extremely boring, the audience had no idea waht was going on, after the fireworks (the climax of the festival, actually the only event that night) ended around 9.30 pm leaveng the disapponted audience into the night, without any comment.
i was not the only one being really confused abot the performance (the concept was so flat and full of phrases, what was it all about...?)
mr walter comes up with his idea over at his blog, go directly to the article:

the gina p. finissage was fun, many of you followed my advice to join, we had a great time, there are may new connections now.
we believe in a common future.

seeya soon, hopefully!

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2010-03-13 the leaves (remix) video out / gina p. finissage | entry by sven

there are a lot of things going on recently, more and more of my own exhibitions are coming up and more happy events have promised to become reality in future. last week a bad cold had struck me down, i could not go on working on TRANSFORMANCE, but i will. actally, i had a visitio in studio. after rendering and re-editing the table dance video, mashed up with bird footage and flames, we watched the result while listening to the piece of music ("sanctuaruim") to be used for the piece on dvd. she said she was more in mainstream, but the she would like to buy a copy when it will be coming out. wow! she did not even watch the final result or other stuff, she will be surprise what you will find on the dvd. well, actually i started re-editing the sound again...i promise to finish in 2010, hopefully.
plus: my mammoth project "the long wait" will be part of it, and the track "the dog circuit" will be re-edited as sound for the long video, which is planned and finished in my head, not on the hard disc...
this is a complex work! this is just future, let´s turn to the present:

because of the release in two weeks you can watch the "the leaves (squinancywort remix)" video on the aestate site. to be honest, the pice is already two years old, produced in winter 2008, it shows alcohol based flames dancing in the dark. it is not the technical peak, but the magic flame movements and rhythms fit perfectly to squinancywort´s unique sounds and patterns. his remix is one of my favourites. he worked out a completly new direction for this track without destroying the AESTATE idea of it. we are recently working on future projects together, well, both are busy, everything takes time...

anyway, before you can download the piece, you can watch the video and/or embed it on your site. you can go to his myspace profile and download his music, his electronica style is quite unique, thsi strage everchanging sound just makes me happy, like 0´s and 1´s are playing nature.

find out youself:
squinancywort on myspace:

the leaves (squinancywort remix) over at

plus: the ANYWAY in essen was twice homebase of two of my very succesful exhibitions, reference in 2008 and AESTATEvisual in 2009. next to my work you could join even exhibitions by even famous, teasing and... well, boring artists. i had already told you about the jens wennekamp exhibitition after reference, unfortunately, his work vanished from the web and his site...

now, after AEv, the ANYWAY is currently exhibitioning works by gina p., who is without any doubt a gifted photographer. her work is strange: technically on a high level but far away from any postition teached at universities... the themes are often classical amateur motives, but they do not turn out as boring. the darknes within the the work is not only the use of much black, it is more, it apperas as origin for every colour.

i have seen the works before, and we got into contact, it turned out that she had great knowledge about AESTATE. she tolde me that she wanted to see us playing live at bitstream festival, but we cancelled due my virus based sickness at that time. so she left early to have a beer at the ANYWAY - and stepped straight into the AESTATEvisual exhibition.
this is one of the stories i usually never hear, but i love to hear them...

set you schedules:
gina p. photography (finissage)

friday, 2010-03-19
8 pm - open end

berliner str. 82
45145 essen

i will hopefully be there, will you?
please tell me (so you won´t be alone),
we are running out of chairs...

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2010-03-03 a surreal nightmare´s rolemodel - berresheim 2010 | entry by sven

during the last weeks and even months, german contemporary artist tim berresheim got into my focus of interest and therefore i was in an ongoing obsessed research. whenever i´m really seduced by something i have to get into it and understand what is inside, actually, the amount of useful texts seems to be quite limited, so the demand of an own interpretation appears reasonable again.

berresheim creates a trick: although you can see behind the illusion, you still believe in the magic. he uses approaches, techniques and styles i am familiar with like photography, image processing and vector based generating. the technical aspect of his work is impressive, but not its reason. the combination of different (probably non-fitting) composites assemble together as never before seen images, not easy to understand, not even easy to feel the beauty but putting defined triggers into it (which is probably the same with my work). these triggers seemed to decodable only by the subconsciousness leading to strange dreams. once again i am reminded of my own work, the starting point seems to be the same, the results are completely differing.

another common fact is the use of photography (in a wider sense) without any interest of reality but as a image generating technology. if you forget the technical production process of his work searching for archetypes for orientation you may end up with neo rauch or max ernst.
the convincing idea: it may be less important what you see instead of what you may feel.
can i communicate with the audience, can i have an effect on them?

finally, berresheim is also a gifted musician not caring about mainstream and it's big deals, working out avant-garde productions via digital processing and some guitar tunes (once again familiar). the rest of the world my be kept out without any understanding, but tomorrorw´s artist will be egoistic and asking:
"can i produce something to surprise myself?"
berresheim had the right question and i am a part of an audience with great effect, what do you think art was all about?

i wanted to join the current exhibition "out from the here and now, lines stand up as a witness" at galerie hammelehle und ahrens in cologne but i could not do it so far, stuck in a tight time schedule for own projects. additionally, i wanted to go to a-musik getting his latest release "studies in future blues", bringing up my excitement and fascination for "new" structures and sounds, like discovering autechre´s draft 7.30, my challenge form 2002. due my internet research i found a documentation on the exhibition and release on eiskellerberg.tv. a young woman did the tour form the gallery to the record store which i wanted to do! how surrealistic, once again. doing it myself is still on schedule, let´s see how successful i´ll be, i´ll tell you.

for the meantime watch the video form eiskellerberg.tv above and watch their site.

the video appears with kind permission of eiskellerberg.tv
special thanks to c.f.schröer

tim berresheim

plus: new works added in the video section, left: roses (after richter) which will be exhibited in summer 2010 and the new work table dance which will be featured as mash-up version fo the transformance dvd project.

have a look at the 2010 video installation works:

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2010-02-22 the good taste and the visual echo | entry by sven

every year around the end of february i find myself on a certain party, last year´s motto was "bad taste" (with me co-djing) this year there was no motto, the party was just there to be a start up into the night. my night was not so long (i´m getting old and reasonable, oh no) but the party was hard enough to dance and loose some clothes on the way...

ms c was djing herself and surprised with a fantastic party selection, daft punk live made my day finally, can you go more into house than that?

above you see a tiny image of the party settng. i like it because it appears a kind of strange to me, somehow surreal like being in a fever ray video oder in a david lynch movie. we were dancing in a room with a red lamp shade, which really reminded me of lynch´s mulholland drive, which is full of visual echos: scenes or settings are very similar to each other and are believed to have a certain connection.

being on the party every year, the rooms and probably me in it, appears as real visual echos displaying the connection beween the years, the pssing of time and the process within relationships.
strange, isn´t it? well, it´s true, no doubt.

above you see a snapshot of last year´s bad taste, i was a little ill, but it was the party to be.
once again, thank you.

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2010-02-15 END was not the end: garage 2009 | entry by sven

you might remember my entry from spring 2009: 2009-05-25 are you ready to enter the END? | entry by sven dealing with the largescale installation entiteld END by gregor schneider in museum abteiberg in moenchengaldbach.
this "piece" really made a big impression in me, i remember develloping a fear of the dark, i remember telling everyone about my experiences after stepping down the ladders into darkness.
being interested in art and like a sponge trying to get everything of it, always and everywhere, this "dark mirror", as the artist calls it, really change me.

my advice was always to join it, no matter if you are into art or not, but END ended in september 2009, the big black entry disappeared.

when i checked back the museum´s website there seemed to be a little sensation: the black port was "replaced" by a garage. so i had to return and check the garage: you can only enter it on weekends, you can only enter it with a single existing key (see pic above). this key opens the garage and makes you enter to the "END-leftovers" in the deep dark basement. even more horror: the single key makes sure that you are definitely alone in the dark searching for light, but this light is never a deliverence.

i knew the installatoin from last year, there were no surprises, there was even the illusion of orientation, but it could trigger even more panic when my idea of the rooms turned out to be false memories...

above you see the garage as build in front of the museum. the steam in fron of it is a "sculpture" by robert morris.
the last two images are the pics taken in may 2009, my first approch to the museum, entered through the END.

honestly, do not miss it, get all info on the garage below:
all about the garage
some teasers (printable quality)
museum abteiberg

by the way, you can win a dinner with me, if you send me a self-portrait photograph of yourself alone in the the coffee room. are you able to do that?

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2010-01-23 madame new generation at europe´s art youth | entry by sven

this seems to turn into an art blog, but well, this is simply what is going on... yesterday the 2010 exhibition of europe´s youth art (or future art) show was opened at zollverein (yeah, probably the center of the capital of culture.) participating artist gian-carlo chiarenza invited me to join and i did, next to some collegues and fellow artists.

this exhibition was strange, there was a classic major opening, but also a lot choir singing and avantgarde music as background sound wallpaper, some of these things appeared strange and far to long. additionally a nervous and stressing crowd, punching you away to get to the works, and even more important, to the buffet.
the exhibition itself was good anyway, some of everyting, some boring stuff, some average quality and some surprisingly great works. i remember a polar bear sculpture made of ice, exhibited to be watched melting away. another peak was a snapshotesque portrait painting of a cow named "liselotta".
mentioned last but not least, gian-carlo chiarenza´s sculpture madame new generation, you can see us on the photo above surrounding his work.
we know each other due my teaching activities, i got in touch with his sculptural work before when he participated in the concordare art project which i had co-curated in december 2009. he usually has a strong conceptual approach on essential topics lead into the real world via everyday materials and readymades.

his currently exhibited sculpture madame new generation again is made of everyday household materials and even trash turned into a rococo illusion. like the surface of the white paint, the fashionable idea of beauty is based and filled with a big nothing, the work appears as funny criticism of the whole art and fashion scene, but actually it does not try to be an argument to not join it. it is as simple as always, there is no reason to stand back, just be aware of what it is and come in!

finally, gian-carlo gave me signed catalogue, that made my day and was his "positive critic insurance"!!! just kidding, the art crowd around him had a great and long night of art, talk and drinks, not bad for a friday in january.

more (common) exhibition to be planned...

europe´s art youth exhibition schedule

22 jan 2010 - 14 feb 2010
Zeche Zollverein XII, Halle 12, Gelsenkirchener Straße 181, 45309 Essen-Katernberg

08 may 2010 - 29 may 2010
Flottmann-Hallen, Flottmannstraße 94, 44625 Herne

04 jun 2010 - 27 jun 2010
Turbinenhalle Bochum, Gahlensche Straße 15, 44793 Bochum

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2010-01-17 encounters of the sublime - elzel/müller exhibition | entry by sven

in my last entry i was a little disoriented concerning the idea and profits of the ruhr2010 thing, but i really have discovered a positive aspect: galerien2010.com is a website with blog informing about all the different activities of galleries in essen. so i knew about the opening of a show at galerie schütte. i always wanted to go there, i knew them from art fairs and the web, but i never actually went there. yesterday it was different. without being informed about the show, the works or the artists or the work i just stubled into the exhibition.
i have read something about photography, but the shown works were a blast.

the two artists wiebke elzel and jana müller worked as a fixed team together, producing images full of dispassion and beauty carrying a sublime shiver. land I (some pictures above) portraits a village, shot in warm summer, in sunny beauty ... but everything seems strange: no cars, no humans, everything is in a process of decay, abandoned while nature takes back the land. the village is already in the process of closure, the longer you watch the photographs the darker turns the expected future. land II continues with the vanishing magic in the venetian laguna
, the drowning islands are already abandoned waiting to sink in the sea.

the art show was great but the perfect bonus was the dinner afterwards, i had a long chat with jana müller about the magic of photograpy, the secret of the connection of pictures in a series and the challange to photograph a horizontal horizon with analogue equipment. (the digital corretion with photoshop is rediculosly simple, but the analogue solution was a creative challange).

as you know i´m trying to see as much as possible on art these days, and i´m always thankful for climaxes in quality. additionally, a gallery visit has never before ended so familiar. to sum it up: i´m thankful and inspired. probably the most satisfying feelings i can think of...

find out yourself:
wiebke elzel / jana müller
"süße agonie" (until february 27)

more on jana müller

the next exhibition will open in beginning of march,
i won´t miss it, will you?

monitoring art research

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2010-01-15 the capital of culture is inside of you | entry by sven

once again, i recieved an invitation to the duisburg philharmonic ochrestrac concert (thank you so much), this time located in the mercandorhalle. jonathan darlington conducted the duisburg philharmonc orchestra through bartholdy (sweet and emotive), henze (abstract and dynamic) and brahms (virtuos performance by violin solist isabelle faust). i was surrounded by seniors, that was expected, but not that much. within the abstract and sometimes blasting loud hans werner henze piece, i was not the only one thinking of aphex twin and related deconstructors...
the retrospective of henze is one main part of the ruhr2010 thing. and this is my big question, or one of many questions.
do not get me wrong, i would never criticise the music, the performers, artists, whoever is actively delivering content. i simply do not understand how this pieces belong together, i do not see the connection, or the relation to location and time...

last week the celebrations started on zollverein to open the ruhr2010 thing, i wanted to be there, actually it was planned for weeks, but i was stuck with other stuff i had to finish. i watched the reports on tv afterwards, and i still need to be convinced.

photographer guntram walter joined the opening and added some impressions on his blog site, have a look yourself over here.

additionally, i have watched an 3sat/kumturzeit interview with oliver scheytt, head manager for ruhr2010. maybe you would like to see it over here.
as usually, the questions appear more interesting than the answers...

i am ready to be convinced.
convince me!

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2010-01-06 transformace, a transforming performance for 2010 | entry by sven

every new year is escorted by wishes and vows, ideas how to make it better, or even different. there is nothing wrong with this, it is even the same with me. i want so much and i lose my direction in the everyday battles. but this year i will try to shift it into larger proportions, the change will be part of an universal art project.
i will focus on transformation this year
, this is what i do with AESTATE anyway, but even concerning all my diciplines merged together and myself, my appearance and behavior.
abover you see a photograph which had been taken by myself on january 1st, 2010. the playground silde is a funny allegory for transformation of direction, kinetic and potential energy - things i´m more and more into.

this strange device above is a video tape recoder and player. long before dvd and hard disc recorders enetered our living rooms, these maget tape based machines were the technic avant garde of personal tv program making.
al these yesterday´s devices had some problems with quality, they were destroing information - but also adding a specific noise like a whitness for their era...
for the last four weeks i was into producing a certain video installation work, which was inspired by a machine like the one above. it is about the transforming of low quality devices ...and it´s poetic side.
more video? sure, soon. you won´t believe.

lost in reality

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