Dearest readers,
Iīve been watching the latetest Dissident(en) Club performance and I must admit right now Iīve finally managed to get myself under control again. What a day! And what a performance it was! Incredible. Mastermind and Leadsinger Herpes Gugushi wasnīt that naked like in his 2001 performance with Tragkraft, but nevertheless he succeded in the crowd cry out for more. And dancing he did. even the seemingly shy Holy came out of the darkness of his computer and danced the night away. Not to forget Sven Christian Piayda who forced his guitar to where no guitar has gone before...

Anyway, there was an accoustic set, a glockenspiel, a bowl and many other things formely known as kitchen utensils had to play their part in a performance which cannot be compared with anything else Iīve ever seen! What is happening next? I just read that the long expected album is coming out in november, as Sven Christian Piayda is forced to leave the studio with two crying people in it behind to do greater work at the university. But he promised to be back with his fellows as soon as possible to present their fans a very special pre-x-mas album. Rumours are spread that the special edition of their debut might eventually contain a live version of one of the songs, performed on the schoolīs out festival.
As I do not like no rumours I contacted Sven for sure information. "We donīt know at that time. We are in discussion which song it will be or if we just skip that idea for a better one. Maybe itīll be a surprise even for all of us how things work out." Well, not the answer I quite expected but will not leave this question unanswered. I also spoke with some of the fans, so here are some extracts from what they said before, while and after the concert: "I canīt wait to finally see them again!" "Sven hasnīt been on stage for so long, Iīm curious how he developed." "Herpes is rippinīof his clothes..." "Sven didnīt loose his Brian May playing but added some, I canīt remember the name..." Anyway... ;-)

Some of the fans said that there where some differences in the volume and the band admitted that the engineers had some difficulties with the controls during the concert. Nevertheless I didnīt hear a word of complain and me, for myself, can only say that they did a great job. If you were there you might have also seen the very shy but talented female artist Phoenix who took photos of the band. I asked her for a short statement and she answered with a smile spreading over her whole face: "They are great." Excactly my words and I leave it with this. So, hopefully see you at the next concert by Dissident(en) Club! Yours sincerely,
Alina Mori for Irish coffee Club



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