sven : trinity
lyrics by s. piayda
reproduced by permission
please gain authorisation before copying

inside you

see how far
you came
who you are
what you say
what you think
who wonīt dare
who wonīt care

inside you
my heart beats
adore you
always will

it is time
to forget
donīt regret
any day
that you spent
with the beast
at least

itīs broken
not your fault
come fix me
always will

drop the pilot

something you never did
something you never dreamed of
books canīt explain
the impact of this experience
you might have heard of it
descriptions can be lies or wrong
something you never did
something you never dreamed of

just drop the pilot
and don’t care where it lands
forget you duties
and follow my demand

today will be the day
when you devide the past from now
youīre reaching out for more
thereīs so much more than you can take
you really canīt believe
in need to go on and on
something you really did
something others might dream of

weīll care for no-one
īcause this belongs to me
thereīs no more asking
except asking for more


the touch of the grass
the smell of the air
the blue of the skies
the wind in the woods
a memory keeps
it will fade away
iīll do it again
within the next year

this prettiest face
this talking ībout you
the dusk of the day
this heavenly sex

a better life

buy a bigger car for the person that you are
show a younger wife to the image of yourself

a better life comes tomorrow
a tiny person today

be smart and play your role
the only way to play at all
patience tops īem all
too old to play around

an expensive suit could help you to be yourself
let your best friend win on the golf court itīs your boss

try try try

wish iīd be smarter but i know iīm not
maybe taller but i keep this small

and i
try try try
and i canīt deny
that i lie
to be like someone else
and see how it feels
how it feels

you could be better no matter what you do
more appreciations could be good for you

but see
see how far you came
and i call you name
īcause itīs your name
and we
work in this like one
stronger than before
itīs our life

shining star

today i accepted that everything goes down
but itīs just about me not the world around

youīre so far
youīre so far
you are much to far away
youīre my star
youīre my star
you are my shining star

there might be some hope as a dot up in the sky
there might be a reason but i always will deny

donīt dare

coming in
break the rules
take what you want
youīre in my house

you’re fed up you had enough
don’t dare to touch my stuff

some men will never learn
there comes a time to change
itīs easy to stay the same
bloodīs out the vampire goes

closer to you

if i see into your eyes i feel this love wonīt stay
like footprints in the sand i know weīll go astray

let me get closer to you
let me stand closer to you

this might be not the truth there is nothing left to tell
memories fade away and heaven becomes hell


sometimes i wonder why iīm still around
still search for things i havenīt found
iīm standing still while days rushing by
any progress i have to deny

itīs getting closer
itīs getting closer
i know the lies youīre living
i know the lies

iīve been to places you havenīt been
iīve seen those things that you havenīt seen
a merciful fate has kept you away
stay on your way so you wonīt go astray

go through

the image of you will fade away
the days of our youth are over soon
this opportunity has failed as always
the time to sum up has come to soon
iīll wait for you a thousand years
where ever i spend my wasted fears
youīll go through