Sven Piayda | Recent Tracks And Sound Works
Jardin Fulerum, Mülheim An Der Ruhr/Gruga Park, Essen
2020-06-26 – 2020-07-24

Record Of Tides 'Aural Park EP',
Sven Piayda 'Future Perfect (LVB#10)',
'Be Sure To Wear Flowers In Your Hair' and 'La Mer'

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Record Of Tides | Aural Park
Limited Edition Vinyl EP
Zany Music 201 077-RAP

A1 Smoke, Wax And Honey
A2 Falcon
B1 New Technologies
B2 Dawn Reversed

(Aural Park Versions)


Mp3 Bundle Redeem Code Available
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Vinyl version sold out.
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Aural Park Poster
designed by
Michael Schreiber and Sven Piayda
for Zany Music.

75 x 50 cm (each)

Purchase Request

Purchasing an Aural Park poster designed by enables access to /CAMP and the 'Aural Park’ EP as mp3 & jpg bundle.

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